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Uniqueness is the preeminent feature of the fashion world, and it has remained unchallenged ever since. But, have we ever given a thought to the things that define ‘unique’ in fashion? Probably never, because we don’t have time looking at things beyond what celebs wear and do. FashionandBeautyBlogger gives you this opportunity to define your own uniqueness, not by following the trends, but by following the heart.

With a minimalistic approach towards trends, Raw Mango explores inimitability in each outfit designed by and brings it for damsels of India to impose a stamp of their individuality in the style they feel comfortable. Each craft in Raw Mango collection is unique in design, pattern, texture, color and cut to enhance your physique and to wrap you in a radiance that will never fade. The best part of Raw Mango creation is they do not ornamentalize you but illuminate you in a way that enlightens even the trendsetters.

Don’t let other blame you for being a copycat. Find your own uniqueness in designer outfits that take you beyond the crowd. Raw Mango, despite Sanjay Garg hailing from the small town, curved and embossed its name due to its uniqueness in contemporary hand-woven textiles, which oozes out the traditional textures, fusion designs, vivacious prints, and exuberant weaving experience, be it saree, salwar, stoles, or any other type of fabric.

Collections By Raw Mango:


The great Chanderis are returned to with silk and metallic twists, and delicate cotton wefts which wrap against the body. In a palette of pale redden pinks, calm angoori and an invigorating nimbu peela – these new tissues have a quieted sheen that gets the sunlight and sparkles at nightfall. Each look is combined with new pullovers highlighting flexible midsections and sensitive gul badan weaving.


A sprinkle of gulabi, lime green, and Raw Mango’s quintessential shading blocking – affection for shading surfaces last spring. Taking a prompt from the day by day life of Rajasthan and loaded with chintz florals, each piece of clothing highlights outlines with fragile neck areas and delicate creasing at the wrists and lower legs. Brocades are loaded with cotton on the weft, rather than zari, and materials are loaded with a huge number of roses.


Matte and quieted, this constrained version of 64 saris is a further investigation of our 2009 woolen weaves, composed in a joint effort with Hema Shroff Patel. Supply in the rap and with an inconspicuous gloss, its palette of backwoods green, indigo blue, profound aubergine, clove and steel dark offer space with conventional geometric examples.

Monkey Business

Sanjay brought monkeys to the life, instead of elephants and peacocks, which is usual in saree design. The mischief makers were depicted in his designs playfully. They are smart, sensible, quick and intelligent too, signifying their place in Hindu and Buddhist mythology. They are also illustrated as God’s protectors. While Tibetan flag color denotes the troop of monkeys. Each woven in Banarasi silk brocades, embroidered on cotton silks and quilted in a delightful array of textures and weights. The result is gamine; luxuriously playful wide legged trousers with extra deep pockets and garments constructed through minimal seams.

So, this was all about Raw Mango and their Collections. If you loved this post, and would like to read more of these, keep watching this space!

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