Sadhev’s Luxury Skincare Products Honest Review

Well, I always believe in harnessing the power of nature to enhance the skin’s natural radiance. And that’s why I keep on looking the brands those are focusing on crafting products from finest botanical ingredients, carefully selected for their proven benefits

Whether it is about to rejuvenate, hydrate, or simply pamper your skin, skincare should always be free from nasty chemicals. I recently got to know about the brand Sadhev’s – The Art of Ayurveda, A Luxury Ayurvedic Skincare Brand, they have a huge range that offers gentle yet powerful solutions suitable for all skin types. 

I recently tried 3 of their products and here I am sharing my review after using it for a month. 

1 ) Sadhev Rose Water 

Okay I have to say this, it is my most favorite product. I don’t know if you saw my Instagram stories, about obsession with the rose fragrance, this toner does have very beautiful mild rose fragrance that not just freshens up my mood when I use this as a toner but also give me the soothing effect. After my bath this is the first product I use, and it just makes my skin feel so relaxing.  This is made of Indian rose petals & best for all skin types. 

Sadhev Rose Water Review

Sadhev Rose Water 

2) Sadhev Aloevera & Saffron Moisturizer 

Aloevera has always been part of my skincare and this Sahdev product offers way more benefits. This moisturizer has saffron that gives a perfect glow along with right skin moisturization.

I love the texture of product and mild fragrance. Also, I love the fact it has real saffron strands that proof this range is all natural and not chemically treated.  In the night, I apply it generously as a soothing mask, especially after a day out in the sun. It provides an instant cooling sensation and calms any redness or irritation.

Sadhev Aloevera & Saffron Moisturizer Review

Sadhev Aloevera & Saffron Moisturizer 

3) Sadhev Lip Sleeping Mask 

Sleeping with a lip mask?

Well, why not! Especially when your lips are dry and chapped, this Sadhev lip sleeping mask can do wonders for your lips. Just apply before you sleep. This gives the right hydration to your lips and makes them supple by removing dead skin cells. 

Sadhev Lip Sleeping Mask Review

Sadhev Lip Sleeping Mask 

Overall, I am definitely a returning buyer for Sadhev’s all-natural ayurveda range of products that are great for your skin, hair and body and have no harsh chemicals, colors and other toxic ingredients. 

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