The Must Have Essentials in a Girl’s Bag

The love between a girl and her purse is amazing and chaotic. There’s trust, you’re sure to find your “lost” lipstick or lost hair band. There’s betrayal, your phone always get swallowed into that inner pocket you rarely use. Old receipts, spare change and mysterious crumbs that have no business being there, sometimes our own purse seem a mystery to you!

We women really don’t care if our bag is really heavy and has weighed down one side of our body. We always carry ”essentials” in our bag! If you’re aimlessly scratching your head wondering what essentials should find a place in girl’s bag, read on…

Safety comes first..

  • Pepper spray

Taking into account unfortunate incidents we hear daily, a pepper spray is a must and should have essential. Whether you are college going teen, working woman or homemaker; women of all ages should carry a can of pepper spray in her bag. It also gives you the confidence to face the threat and keep yourself safe.   

  • Wallet

We need not mention this! Never leave home without some loose cash, small change, some amount of plastic (debit, credit, and cash cards) and your basic identification documents.

  • Hand sanitizer

All women are sticklers for cleanliness! You are not always lucky to find soap in every restroom you use! If you travel by public transport, hand sanitizer is a must-have. With so many germs around, it’s a quick alternative to hand washing with soap.

  • Sunglasses

Always.. No explanation needed. More than style thing, I consider sunglasses as a safety product to protect eyes from harsh sun rays. Plus, it’s a good way to avoid eye contact with strangers!

  • Safety pins

This little gadget is a lifesaver if you pop a button or a seam. You can fix the unwanted rip or tear. Also, it can be used to clasp a necklace if it suddenly breaks.

Your little emergency box.

  • Medicines

You never know when a headache is going to strike you or a friend and it’s such a relief to always have something. A stomach ache pill or instant energy booster can save you from ruining your day.

  • Feminine Products

 Sometimes you can forget your ‘time of the month’ so it is better to prepare it in advance rather than facing a nasty situation to deal with later. A sanitary napkin or tampon occupies a small zipper corner in a purse. You can also give to someone who needs it.

  • Band-aid

For shoe bites, cuts, and bruises be ready with a band aid.

Your compact dressing table..

  • Mirror

Front camera doesn’t work when you need to touch up! Mirror is an essential thing that is often kept in a secret compartment in the purse to take a peek or just or primp.  

  • Deo

Grab travel sized one and throw it in your bag. With intolerable heat outside make sure you stay fresh with handy deo and smell nice all day.

  • Kajal

Not all women carry Kajal, the ones that don’t are dead! The first thing I put in my bag is kajal. It’s primary essential thing to brighten up a tired face. Do check our list of popular Kajals to buy in India.

  • Lipstick

Pout or no pout, women love to look perfect!  If you do not have time in the morning to put makeup, don’t worry.. tint your lips! Lipstick is the best choice to keep in your bag for soft, hydrated, and moisturized lips.

  • Face tissues

Face tissues are yet another essential in a girl’s bag. They are must for hot sweaty days. Sometimes, you need them to get rid of excess of makeup or to get rid of excess oil. They seem like your best friend for quick clean up.

  • Moisturizer and sunscreen

Are you aware of the fact that every sun screen should be applied every 2 hours to protect yourself from harmful rays. Now, I think I don’t need not to divulge its place in purse. Always carry moisturizer if you want to keep your skin nice and soft. An all purpose moisturizer removes dryness from face and hands whenever required.

  • Hair accessories

A small comb and lost hair tie band is what you can always expect to find in girls bag. Apart from tying your tresses, hair ties can be used for other purposes too. Combs and hair ties prove useful, whether you are having a good or bad hair day.

Some munch ons..

  • Healthy snack

Working through lunch shouldn’t happen, but when it does, it’s always good to keep energy bar in your purse. You can also keep some fruit or dry fruits in small box and pop in when you want.

  • Gums and fruit candies

Because your sweet tooth might hit you all of a sudden! To supplement your sweet cravings or a dry palate, a stick of gum will always come to your rescue. Plus, it keeps your breath fresh and keep you kiss ready!

  • Sachet of green tea

Instead of gulping a bottle of aerated drink or sweetened juices at office, better enjoy a healthy and refreshing cup of green tea. All you need is hot water! A sachet will not add weight to your purse but will add to your health.

Gadgets and gizmos…

  • Ipod or headphones

A definite must have in your purse. After a tiring day, listening to your favourite song while traveling back home, can put you mood on!

  • Power Bank

You never want your phone to die and create unnecessary tension for your loved ones. A power bank in back pocket of your purse is handy solution to always stay connected.

Irrespective of the brand and price, a bag is like a “small house” outside your house! Though a girl’s world is much more than everything she is carrying, these little things are tools to help her conquer whatever comes her way that day. As you have seen our list of essentials in a girl’s bag we are eager to know what other things you carry in your bag! Do comment and let us know!

Much Love


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