What Is In My Chic Fab Bag- August 2016? Fab Bag Review

Hey beauties, How you doing?

I am sure you are rocking just like me. So I recently restarted my subscription with Fab bag after I had heard that they are giving supreme quality products. Almost every beauty blogger owns the Fab bag and I guess the products which they give are worth the price.

If you are new to Fab bag, then you can subscribe to them from here. When you opt for the monthly subscription you will get 4-5 products for Rs.599. You can even choose 3, 6 and 12 month subscription, in fact, if you are subscribing for the first time you will get 10% discount even. Exciting isn’t it? So let’s see, what did I get this month’s in my Chic Fab bag and was it impressive or not.

August fab Bag Review 2016

August 2016 Fab Bag Review

My Review:
I love the cute polka dots bag in the shade purple and black. It has a leather feel which makes it sturdy and perfect for keeping your essentials during your travel. This month I got 5 products and I am quite happy with few products.

2016 August feb Bag Review
August Fab Baf 2016 Reviews
1. Natural Bath & body gel face masque-

I received Natural bath and body gel face mask with grapefruit and vitamin which smells really good. I haven’t tried this product yet, but I love the packaging and the fact that it has organic ingredients. Super excited to try this.

Natural Bath & body gel face masque-001

2. Karate Buerre Pure Shea butter-
Now I love Shea butter, and the Karate Burre Wild East African Shea butter sounded tempting. I love this product, it is good and gives a smooth finish to my skin. I would continue using this product, especially during the cold Delhi winters. The product smells so good.

Karate Buerre Pure Shea butter review

Karate Buerre Pure Shea butter

3. Geri G Ultra Plush Mascara-
Another fab product from Fab bag is this Geri G mascara. It has a sleek packaging and it definitely voluminous the eyelashes. I love the way it just pops up the eye and brighten my face. I have started this lovely product quite regularly.

Geri G Ultra Plush Mascara

4. Livon Serum-
Now I am not a fan of serum, especially not of Livon. I wasn’t really happy that Fab bag gave this in the bag, as it is easily available in the drugstores. I generally subscribe beauty bags with a mind set to try new brands that are new, not something that I can get at the nearby drugstore. So this was a disappointment from Fab bag.

Livon Serum

5. Pep Moisture Velvet Shampoo:

This is the first time I have heard about this brand, and I might not even use it as I have colored hair. I would give it to my sister and guess would even review this later if it has been good or not.

Pep Moisture Velvet Shampoo

So this was in my What The Chic Fab Bag for the month August 2016. I have a neutral feeling of this bag, nothing very exciting about this month bag, but my moods were elevated with my new Lip monthly August Bag (sorry forgot to post about a July month) which I will share with you guys soon.

If you have subscribed for Fab bag, then share with me what did you receive in your fab bag? 

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