My Review On Kairali Aloe Vera Shampoo and Sandal Soap

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Last month, I had visited Kerala’s luxurious Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resort cum Spa and I can’t tell you how refreshing and relaxing my trip was. For more details on the trip, you can check here. I would recommend everyone to visit this spa on their trip to Kerala, you will have the moment of the life. See, again I started raving about the resort 😛 Ok coming to the products which I had bought from the health resort, I got my hands on the famous Kairali Aloe vera shampoo, sandal soap and rose scented soap.

All three products are herbal and are made by Kairali. The best thing about the soap is that it’s handmade and I love anything which is handmade 🙂 So without further delay, let me give you my insight on the product.

My Review:

Aloe vera shampoo:

Kairali Aloe Vera Herbal Shampoo

Kairali Herbal Products

Kairali Aloe Vera Shampoo Review

The shampoo comes in a thin, cylindrical bottle with a screw cap and there is nothing fancy about the packaging. It is a travel-friendly bottle, so you can definitely carry with you wherever you go.

Kairali Aloe Vera Shampoo Product review

Kairali Aloe Vera Herbal Shampoo Green

Due to the presence of aloe vera, the shampoo comes in an electric green shade. The shampoo’s consistency isn’t runny nor creamy. It has a fine texture and does lather up on the hair. Unlike herbal shampoos which have a strange smell, it comes fragrance-free.

Kairali Aloe Vera Shampoo Review

The product claims to prevent breakage, strengthen the hair shafts and end up with a natural sheen. And all these magical things can happen  due to aloe vera. It has nutrients and enzymes that work on cleaning the scalp, hydrating the scalp and even balances the pH levels which will prevent dandruff. However, I did experience glossy and smooth hair texture. However, as I have colored my hair, I don’t use this product regularly, though you can use this shampoo as it is herbal and 100% organic.

If you are looking for a nourishing shampoo, then you can try this herbal shampoo it will nourish your hair and make them bouncy.

Sandal soap:

Kairali Sandal Soap for Daily Skin Care Review

This is another product which I had purchased and I thank myself for buying it. It is a fabulous product that does wonders for my skin.

Kairali Sandal Soap Review - beauty soap

The sandal soap comes in a super cute packaging, the oval soap bar comes in a rectangle box. The fragrance of the soap is refreshing, if you love sandalwood smell, then this soap will attract you instantly.

I prefer the body wash to soaps, but as this was handmade soap, I couldn’t resist buying it. I have been using this for almost a month, and I would say that it has made my skin soft and refreshing. The soap also gives a soothing feel, which I believe is due to sandalwood, which is known for its cooling properties. I have enjoyed using this soap, but compared to this I have liked the rose soap that i used in Kairali resorts  (sorry don’t have the pictures) which revives the senses and makes your body super soft and nourishing.

Kairali Ayurvedic Products - Sandal Soap

The price of the sandal soap (Rs.100) could be an issue, but as it is handmade it is worth the money. However, I had got the soap at a discount price for (Rs.70).

FABB Rating:

Aloe vera shampoo- 3/5
Sandal soap- 4/5

FABB Recommends: I would recommend the shampoo for those who are looking for organic product and if you want shiny tresses then go for it. Whereas I recommend everyone to opt for sandal soap, believe me it will soothe and rejuvenate you (a perfect way to start your day).

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