The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter Review and Price

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Nourishing my skin is always on my top most agenda. I would often look for products that replenish the skin and make it baby soft. So, as it is the 10th anniversary of The Body Shop India, I have come with another post on a product by TBS. Today I would be reviewing about TBS Strawberry Body Butter. This product is one of my favorite and I completely adore it for various reasons.

The body butter is not lotions, they contain natural oil and butter that penetrate deep into the skin and turn it feathery soft. The strawberry body butter is ideal for winters, but you can even use it for the upcoming monsoon season.

Read further to know the goodness of the TBS Strawberry Body Butter.


The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter Review

The body butter comes in an attractive red round tub with a screw cap that has a strawberry sticker. Below the tub, it has a detailed information about the product, and as the tub is sturdy and comes with a screw cap I find it travel-friendly. Because of the packaging, there wouldn’t be any wastage of the product.

The best thing about TBS is that they make products with amazing fragrance. I have loved the smell of the body butter, it has a yummy smell of strawberry which lingers on the body for hours. I enjoy the fruity smell, so if you are someone who likes fruity, berry smell, then this is your go-to product.

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The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter Texture - Review

The texture of the body butter is creamy which easily absorbs into my skin. Though the consistency is thick, it isn’t greasy at all. It has high moisture content and makes my skin hydrated. It is perfect for the winter season, but I even use it during the summers.


Strawberry Body Butter Review from TBS

The complete list of ingredients is given on the back of the tub, but the main ingredients that make this body butter powerful are strawberry seed oil, shea butter, cocoa butter. Strawberry seed oil has omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that help in restoring the moisture. Whereas Shea butter and cocoa butter are natural moisturisers that soften and nourish the skin in-depth.


The body butter is meant for dry skin to normal skin. I have a normal skin and it works amazingly for my body. I don’t find it heavy on my body and it blends into my skin quickly and hydrates it for long hours. I find my skin turning soft instantly, and what I like about the product is the smell, which stays with me for more than 5 hours and gives a refreshing feel. I apply dollops of body butter all over my body and I would say it does a perfect job of a body butter.

Price: Rs.1095 for 200 ml

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter Packaging Review

1. Love the packaging
2. It has a lovely strawberry smell that lingers for hours.
3. Easily absorbs into the skin
4. It hydrates the skin instantly.
5. Perfect for dry to normal skin.
6. Cruelty-free product.

1. Could be pricey.

Would I buy it again?
Yes, once I am done with this product I would love to buy the 200 ml strawberry body butter.

FABB Rating: 5/5

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