My First Love By Yogita Aggarwal, a brand nurtured with passion and love. MyFirstLovebyYA is a jewelry retail marketplace where you will find the handpicked jewelry pieces to upgrade your style.

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How MyFirstLoveByYA started?

As the name suggests, the brand is born from my sheer love for jewelry. I simply love to adorn different types of pieces of jewelry and hence have gathered a huge repository over the years.

With my keen sense of fashion and eye for uniqueness, I decided to put my passion into practice and explore a business of something I dearly cherished.

Being a social media influencer, and most importantly a woman, I understood some of the pain points- overpriced products online, matching the right accessories with the attire, trustworthiness, and so on.

MyFirstLoveByYA is a sincere attempt to address some of these coupled with the mission to spread the love for jewellery among my friends, family, and beyond.

Quick Fact MyFirstLoveByYA-

  • We already sold more than 150 pieces in the span of just 2 months.
  • Our current business preference is putting stalls, so that customer can try and feel before paying.

Reasons why our customers love us-

  • Curated Collection
  • Variety of products for both kids and adults
  • Attractive and Reasonable price
  • Best-in-class quality and assurance

My aim is to grow MyFirstLovebyYA and make it a brand that everyone LOVES when it comes to fashion jewelry. Check out my Insta page and keep an eye on my Google Photos Album to see the collections & new arrivals.

Be it attending a casual afternoon gathering or an event party, from weddings to festivals, from dates to special occasions, ACCESSORIZE YOURSELF TO FLAUNT YOUR PERSONALITY with amazing collection from MyFirstLoveByYA.

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