Popular Kids Movies on Disney Hotstar – Summer Vacation Special

Now when the summer holidays are here it’s time for kids to do some binge watching and here, I have a great list of kids’ movies on Hotstar. Make some popcorns & order some juices and you are all set to have the movie date with your kids.

Popular kids’ movies those are available on Disney Hotstar & your kids will definitely enjoy these movies.

“The Lion King” (1994)

Animation movie “The Lion King” is produced by Walt Disney Pictures and released to the screens in 1994. With the directors Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff, it is. It is considered to be one of the most memorable Disney animation productions recognized by the marking division.

“Finding Nemo” (2003)

”Finding Nemo” is a touching animated movie from Pixar Animation Studios, released by Disney Pictures in 2003. Directed by Andrew Stanton, it narrates the life of a clownfish named Marlin who is on an adventure across the ocean in search of his lost son Nemo.

“Toy Story” (1995)

“Toy Story” is a revolutionary animation movie created by Pixar Animation Studios and a movie which was produced by Walt Disney Pictures and was released in 1995. Animated by John Lasseter, it is the first. animated movie and the first in the series of extremely popular “Toy Story” franchise.

“Frozen” (2013)

“Frozen” is a masterpiece of the Walt Disney Animation Studios released in 2013. Adapted and directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, Frozen’s characters Else and Anna are so loved by toddlers and teenagers. 

“Moana” (2016)

Moana is a Disney animated musical fantasy adventure movie produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. The movie, directed by John Musker and Ron Clements, follows the journey of Moana, the strong-willed daughter of a coastal village chief, who sets sail to reunite a mystical relic with the goddess Te Fiti and save her people.

“Cars” (2006)

Cars can be classified as one of the excellent animated movies, created by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures is the motion picture studio in the fiscal year ending in 2006. The movie is a story of a selfish racecar named Lightning McQueen.

“The Incredibles” (2004)

The Incredibles is a humorously intense and action-filled movie that was produced by Pixar Animation Studios.


“Zootopia” (2016)

“Zootopia” is a splendid animation film, created by Walt Disney Animation Studios and produced by Walt Disney Pictures in 2016. 

“Up” (2009)

“Up” is a 2009 American animated comedy adventure film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. The movie was directed by Pete Docter, co-directed by Bob Peterson, and produced by Jonas Rivera.

“Return of Hanuman” (2007)

The movie “Return of Hanuman” is an animated picture produced by Indian filmmakers in 2007 with Anurag Kashyap as a director. It is a follow up of the 2005 well received “Hanuman” movie which was a landmark in the industry in terms of audience appeal and satisfaction in Indian animation. The film was produced by Percept Picture Company and Sahara One music is an important component of the film that helps in flavoring the film’s scenes and also in scripting of events in the film.

“Inside Out” (2015)

“Inside Out” is a movie released in 2015 which is an animated film in American produced by Pixar Animation Studios. 

“Coco” (2017)

“Coco” is a 2017 American computer-animated movie by Pixar Animation Studios and produced and released by Walt Disney Pictures. The movie is a tender portrayal of the human relationships and roots.

“Ratatouille” (2007)

‘Ratatouille’ is an animation film which was released in 2007 in the United States of America and was produced by Pixar Animation Studios.


“The Lego Movie” (2014)

‘The Lego Movie’ is a 2014 American animated action-adventure comedy film by Warner. 


“Beauty and the Beast” (1991)

Drawing from the rendition of the fable of “Beauty and the Beast” in the 1991 movie version. 


“Aladdin” (1992).

This is a famous story, which has roots in the Middle Eastern collection of folk tales. Literature – fiction – collection of Middle Eastern folk tales: “One Thousand and One Nights” or “Arabian Nights”. One of the most popular stories from this collection and based on the life of the young man named Aladdin who finds a lamp with a genie with supreme powers.

“Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” (2001)

The first Harry Potter movie “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” was an introductory movie for the entire series of Harry Potter movies.


“The Jungle Book” (1967)

Though “The Jungle Book” is a novel, it has been put into films several occasions, with the best-known films now being the Disney movie.


“The Great Mouse Detective” (1986)

The animated film “The Great Mouse Detective” was released in 1986, but there are no data regarding its profitability at the box office. Animation, released in 1986. Burny Mattinson, David Michener are the directors who have directed this movie Ron Clements.


“Luca” (2021)

Intersecting with emotion regulation, resilience and anxiety, “Luca” is a 2021 animated film that was produced by Pixar Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. With Enrico Casarosa in his first feature-length movie, one could expect some innovation to occur when it came to representing the film.  It is a series based on a young man’s experiencing a journey of discovery in the beautiful coastal town of Italy.

“The Good Dinosaur” (2015)

The film focuses on the life of a dinosaur, supposed to be alive during the Jurassic period, The Good Dinosaur is a 2015 computer-animated drama film created by Pixar and released by Walt Disney Pictures.


“Tangled” (2010)

”Tangled” is the Disney movie with the 50th animated feature produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. The story revolves around Rapunzel, a lost young princess with magical long blonde hair, who yearns to leave her secluded tower. When the bandit Flynn Rider stumbles upon her hidden tower, they embark on a fantastic journey filled with surprising heroes, laughter, and suspense. 


“Little Krishna” (2009)

Little Krishna is a famous kids cartoon series in Hindi started on Indian Cartoon Network. In association with Nickelodeon, the series, brings the vibrant mythological and cultural legacy of gods for lords Krishna. Engaging storytelling and high-quality animation academy bringing Indian mythology to young audiences.

“Bal Ganesh 3” (2015)

Bal Ganesh 3 is a 2015 Indian animated film. In Bal Ganesh, childhood stories and fantasy series of the Bal Ganesh serial. 

So, comment below and share your kid’s favorite movie. 

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