5 Fun Christmas DIY Activities for Kids

Are you juggling with your kids, busy schedule, and preparations for Christmas? How about involving the kids in some Christmas activities? Let us work towards exploring more on this.

A fun and cool way to involve your kids is to make amazing decorations or gifts. This will give you ideas for putting the new fresh and decorations to use. Exploring new things will interest the kids. It will help to work and enhance your kid’s creativity and make them busy. You can do these activities together with the entire family too. Another advantage is that it will take them away from the screen. Doesn’t that sound too good an idea?

Don’t worry we have listed  5 Fun Christmas DIY Activities for Kids using easily available items like cotton, paper plates, socks. These activities are quick to do and less messy for your kids to complete.

  1. Socks snowman

Use a sock snowman as a decoration on the Christmas tree or can  to decorate the house. All you need is a sock that is loose or you don’t use it anymore, cotton, sketch pens, and ribbon. You need to fill the sock with cotton and make it into three balls. Each of these balls serve as the head, middle part, and the last part of the snowman. You can use a ribbon on the top of the head to tie the sock and rubber bands to tie the other two parts. Kids can draw different features on the sock snowman to make it look more realistic.

2) Paper plate Santa

Do you have lots of paper plates lying around? Use them to make a Paper plate Santa. Put these to use and make your house decorations more attractive. All you need is paper plates, cotton, glue, colored pens, glitter, and colored paper.


On the round paper plate, stick skin-colored paper. Following it, apply glue on the end part of the paper plate and stick cotton on it to make it feel like Santa’s beard. Take red colored paper and cut it out in a triangle shape to make it look like a hat.

Then place it on the top of the plate, don’t forget to add cotton on the tip of the hat. Add eyes and nose to complete the whole face. You can either make the eyes with colored pens or buy them. Do add glitter to Santa’s nose to give it an effect.

3) Handprint Christmas tree

This craft DIY can be made as a Christmas tree or you can put them on the wall as decorations. All you need is green colored paper, scissors, and glue. This activity can be a fun session for the whole family. Tell your children to draw their hands and other members’ hands on the green-colored paper.

Help them out in cutting all the hands. Place these hands in the shape of a tree. You can get creative and put the small hands on the top and large hands in the middle or bottom depending on the size. Your tree is ready, you can add a star on the top of the Christmas tree to make it eye-catching.

4) Jar lids wreath

Jar lids wreath hung as an ornament on the Christmas tree is another good craft idea . You can also pin it on the gift bags to make it more about Christmas. Jars which you don’t use anymore or you are going to throw them away, take these lids and give them to your kids. Kids can decorate the lids with different colored ropes and ribbons to make them fancy. They have full creative freedom in this DIY Christmas activity. They can even stick multicolored beads on them or small stickers if they wish to.

5) Stocking

Kids can make stockings on paper and hang them on the Christmas tree. They can paint or color as they wish. They can even draw a snowman, reindeer, or a Christmas tree on the stockings. You can help them join two stockings back to back.

By doing so whichever side it turns you see different designs and colors. You can even get a red fabric cut in the shape of a stocking and let your kids use their creativity to decorate them. Use these fabric stockings later to store gifts.

These  5 Fun Christmas DIY Activities for Kids  can keep them busy till Santa arrives. Handmade by kids, these Christmas decorations will give a personal touch and are memorable. Children will enjoy making these crafts and bond with everyone involved here. 

Do give this a try and share your experience with us. 

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