How To Take Care of Dry, Cracked Heels

Love wearing ankle strap heels? But does your cracked heels embarrass you? Then it is time you took care of them, especially during the transitional season. Apart from pollution, lack of moisture, aging, if your body is vitamin and zinc deficient then your heels can crack up easily. So focus on zinc rich foods and have a healthy diet. But I would like to share with you the top and easy home remedies to take care of your dry and cracked heels which are super effective and easy to make. All you need to do is rush to your kitchen cabinet and find out the holy grail to treat your cracked heels. From rosewater to banana, these home remedies are a surefire way to make your heels soft and hydrated.
1. Rosewater and glycerin:

Lack of moisture content often leads to cracked heels and the best ingredient that would provide good hydration is glycerin. It will soften the skin and seal the moisture content in your heels, whereas rosewater is packed with Vitamin A, B, D and has antiseptic properties that will treat the open cracks and make your feet super soft. Make a paste of rosewater and glycerin and apply it on your heels every night. Within a few weeks you will notice a great change.
2. Milk and honey:
Another top way to treat your cracked heels is milk and honey. Milk is rich in lactic acid that will repair the damaged cells, whereas honey will act as the humectant and will hydrate your heels throughout the day. Soak your feet in a mixture of milk and honey for 15-20 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water. Then apply a moisturizing cream and you are good to go.
3. Rice flour:

Dry, cracked heels can be home to dead skin cells and it is important that you exfoliate your feet regularly. One of the best ways to purify your leg from dead skin cells, impurities is rice flour. Take rice flour and mix it with lemon juice and brown sugar. Apply this on your cracked heels and gently scrub in circular motion. If you have open cracks be careful with lemon juice, it might sting your feet.
4. Banana and papaya pack:

Did you know fruits can heal your cracks much faster than any other ingredient? Also, they would sting or cause any discomfort to your cracked heels. Banana and papaya have moisturizing properties that will heal your cracks faster and effectively. So mash half banana and add to it papaya pulp. Apply the mixture on your heels and leave it for 20 minutes. Then wash it with cool water. Do this weekly, twice and your heels will heal quickly.
5. Shea Butter:



Shea butter is the best hydrating cream that will keep your heels softer and smoother. It is rich in Vitamin E that will heal and moisturize your heels perfectly and within weeks you will notice a good change. Apply shea butter twice a day and wear socks after applying the shea butter, this way the product will seep deep into your heels and turn it soft.

Say goodbye to cracked heels and welcome smooth and soft heels in no time.


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