Oil Pulling Benefits – What Happened When I Did Oil Pulling For A Week

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I am a DIY lover and keep trying every new thing that has surplus benefits. And I happened to read about oil pulling and its benefits- a fad in West and a traditional Ayurvedic method to curb diseases/detoxify body. Oil pulling is a traditional method of cleansing the body from toxins and apart from flushing toxins from the body, oil pulling even helps in treating various other skin and health problems.

I did try for a week and as it gave good results in a week’s time, but I wanted to continue for a longer period and its 3 weeks since I am oil pulling and I now want to give my inputs about this Ayurvedic method. Read further if you are interested in knowing how to do, side effects and positive results of oil pulling.

How to do oil pulling:

 Oil Pulling Benefits - What Happened When I Did Oil Pulling For A Week

Take 1 teaspoon of organic coconut oil (no Parachute), sesame, olive oil and swish it in your mouth for 20 minutes. Beginners can swish for 10 minutes, don’t swallow, gargle or do anything other than swishing in your mouth like mouthwash. Then pull the oil between your teeth (sounds gross) but do it and then after 20 minutes, spit in the trash, toilet but never in your sink as the oil can clog the sink (read it everywhere).

Do this every morning and follow it with brush and floss. You can even repeat this process every night, but experts suggest oil pulling in the morning. If you are doing at night don’t do it immediately after your dinner, say give 1 hour time after your meals and then indulge in oil pulling.

Science behind oil pulling:

Our mouth is home to bacteria, germs and right after you wake up all the bacteria reside happily in your mouth. So the best way to flush toxins from your body is oil pulling. Like a magnet, the lipids in the oil pull the bacteria from your body, mouth and expels out the toxins from your body. It basically detoxes your body from all wastes, toxins and keeps diseases at bay.

Oil Pulling Benefits:

Oil pulling benefits

I can rave about oil pulling and write a mini book on the benefits of oil pulling 🙂 but however, I have listed the goodness below:

1. Improves oral health:
Oil pulling throws out microorganisms from your body and hence improves your oral health to a great extent. Bleeding gums, yellow stains, cavity would become a matter of the past and I did notice this.

Once a while my gums would bleed, and after oil pulling my gums has turned healthy I guess. Also, I can see my teeth turning brighter day by day, the yellow stains have reduced and my teeth are slowly becoming pearly white 😛

2. Reduces acne:
If your internal body is free from toxins then acne cannot disrupt on your face and oil pulling exactly does that. It keeps acne at bay and brings a glow on your face. I haven’t got acne for long (could be oil pulling).

3. Prevents kidney diseases:
Oil pulling is known for expelling toxins from your body, which prevents any formation of kidney stones.

4. Prevents bad breath:

Bad breath can be mainly due to bacteria formation, plaque in the mouth and oil pulling perfectly destroys bacteria and prevents bad breath.

5. Improves digestion:

Oil pulling is known for boosting the digestion process and prevents constipation, acid reflux, bloating.

6. Weight loss:
Oil pulling manages the water weight in your body and flushes toxins which aid in weight loss. I haven’t noticed a huge change, but I guess with proper diet and oil pulling there can be a considerable weight loss.

Side effects:

I shall share my personal experience, after 3 days of oil pulling I experienced severe headaches. I thought it was due to my long hours at the laptop, but later I realised and researched that it could be oil pulling. So for the next week I started doing oil pulling at night and then once my body got adjusted to it, I continued in the mornings and I haven’t had any headaches since then.

Along with my headaches, I noticed I had back aches, which again I thought is due to my work. But I am still not sure if oil pulling is the reason behind my back aches, though the pain has subsided and I am all fine now.

Girls if you indulge in oil pulling and notice any side effects, don’t stop instantly, those are signs that your body is adjusting to the new change. So continue doing oil pulling and stay fabulous. If you are into oil pulling I would love to read your views in the comments below.

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