Monsoon Skin Care Routine for Indian Skin

Monsoon skin care routine for Indian Skin is contributed by Dr.Seema Malik, MD, Eleganza. She is an Indian doctor & Social worker. She’s the Managing Director of Eleganza (Skin & Cosmetic Surgery Clinic) An established and well-known brand in the market & the Founder director of Malik Group, a company involved with health care.

Steps for Kissable Skin Even In Monsoon

Cleansing – Skin becomes extremely prone to dirt and dust this season and thus calls for regular cleaning. It is always good to keep water-based cleanser and use it on regular intervals. After rinsing the face with cold water apply cleansing lotion for 2-3 minutes removing it with cotton.

Toning – to reduce oiliness, toning at night is a must. In the rainy season, a lot of airborne and waterborne microbes are let lose, so a good anti-bacterial toner will go a long  way in preventing skin infection and eruptions. It is a good idea to get an anti-bacterial face wash too. Rose water is one of the best toner available and can be used on all types of skin.

Moisturizing – Moisturizing in monsoon is as important as it is in summer. Due to frequent exposure to the rain,the skin tends to get dry and dehydrated. That explains the itchy feeling one gets during this season. Use a non water-based moisturizer to cure the problem.  The Body Shop Atlas Mountain Rose Body Lotion Review and Price

Apart from itchiness, the skin also tends to become either very dry and prone to acne or very oily,hence attracting dirt and pollutants. Those with are acne prone skin should opt for water based moisturizer. Mineral based and waterproof make-up can be a great alternative for women with acne prone skin.

Keep it dry – The most common ailment during the monsoon is fungal infection, the most common area being the armpits, groin areas, feet and breasts. The best way is to try to keep yourself dry. Always carry an extra set of dress and shoes if you plan to enjoy the monsoon shower.

Smiling in the sun – Apply sunscreen 20 min before you step out and re-apply in every 3 to 4 hours. The sunscreen should be chosen accordingly to the shade and tone of your skin. A sunscreen of SPF 15 is generally suitable for Indian skin. So, although the sky may carry a gloomy cast, you can brush off your skin woes and guarantee glowing skin.  You can also check – Quick Home Remedies to Get Rid Of SunTan Naturally – Infographic

Home Remedies For Monsoon

Dry skin – Take 10 crushed almonds and add two tablespoon  honey to make it into a paste. Massage on face for 5 to 7 minutes, rinse face and pat dry. Mix one tsp honey with one tsp fresh curd  and one tsp jojoba oil and apply on face. Leave it on for 10 minutes and rinse.

Oily skin – Use pure oatmeal scrub to cleanse oily skin or ripe papaya pulp as a mild exfoliator.

Combination skin – Take two tsp rose water and two drops of strawberry oil and orange oil. Apply it on face for 10 minutes and rinse. Also Check – How To Get Rid Of Pimples – Home Remedies

Do share your monsoon beauty tips with me through comment box.

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