Floral Fashion Looks – Upcoming Fashion Trends Of Year 2019

Hey Girls,

Being fashionable is a choice and falling in love with the trend is something which happens to me again and again. Presently I have been obsessed with the floral print trend and I can’t stop gushing the way it adds a dash of feminine and vibrant touch.

I am sure many of you would be loving this pretty trend which adds so much of brightness and grace and the best thing is that on the days when you feel low, you can just wear this pretty trend and elevate not only your look but even your mood! With that said, lets see how I have styled myself in the hottest, prettiest trend of the year.

1. Dark Floral Print Blouse (Look from a food event):

At present dark floral has become the modish fashion, it adds a dash of drama and looks totally eye catching. It is evident from my posts and social media handles that I am in love with black and even from this picture you can see how much I gush on the shade black. Black on black trend is forever in fashion and can never look out of place. So I fashioned my floral top with a black jeggings and to break the complete black look, I paired my outfit with pastel blue balelrina shoes. As the dress did enough magic, I went the minimalist makeup way.

2. Soft yet neon floral print dress (Random pic from home):

Sometimes I like a shot of vibrant colors in my wardrobe and this has been my other favorite floral outfit. I love the fusion of soft base with bright neon shade roses that bring a dramatic effect to the outfit.

Pink is something which I find girly but it just complements my skintone and makes me feel beautiful. A dash of pink lip shade and pink nail paint was all set to make my outfit beautiful.

3. My Favorite Floral Dress (Look from a tech event):

I am in looovvee with this outfit. It is totally graceful and brings out my inner feminine. The melange of blue and rose reminds me of a midnight beauty. What I love about the outfit is the belt that perfectly hides all my flaws 😛 and shows the best of me. The dress had its own charm and as I didn’t want to break the charm I kept my makeup and accessory minimum.

I enjoy wearing this for my dinner parties, get together with my girl gang or when I am in a mood for some self-love. This was my love for floral prints, what about you girls? Do you love floral print? Share your views in the comments below.

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