January Fab Bag 2017 Review


As promised I am here with the review of my Fab Bag 2017. Finally I received my fab bag yesterday after a long wait.  I ordered this at the same time when I did Envy box but this took a week extra to reach me.

This is how it looks like, btw the theme it ‘BRING IT ON’.

What is in my Fab bag ?

This month’s bag offered me 5 products and I am excited about 4 of them. Lets start digging the details about the products.

  1. The very first and the expansive product from the bag is  Manna Kadar Liplocked Priming Wand – Joie. I received the full size product priced 1799/.
  • Product Details – This  should be my this month’s favorite but somehow it is not. This shade was not so pleasing on my lips, my bad! I will do the detail blog on same soon.

2. Second most expansive product from this bag is from the well known brand Wella. It is Wella Perfect Me BB Lotion.

  • Product Details – I received the sample product of 6ml. The price of 100 ml product is Rs.900/. I am excited to try this Wella product most.

3. Third product from the bag that I am looking forward to use immediately is The Nature’s Co. White Tea Night  Cream.

  • Product Details – I received the 20 ml sample pack of Nature’s Co. White Tea Night Cream. The 50ml pack of this cream costs Rs. 895/.


4. This forth product from he bag is going to be my summer essential. It is O3+ Mattifying gel cream SPF 50.

  • Product Details – The product I received is a full size product and it costs Rs.385/. This product is going to be a great help in super sunny days of Delhi. The product is so light weight and oil free for summer skin.


5. After all above interesting products now I am left with MCaffeine Neem Caffeine Face wash.

  • Product Details – This one is also going to be in my summer try out lists.  Its a neem and aloe vera face wash, perfect to keep skin free from dirt.

What I love most in the fab bag of Jan’ 17 ?

I love most the Manna Kadar lip crayon, Wella Perfect Me BB lotion and the Nature’s Co. White Tea.

My thoughts – This was my 3rd fab bag and this time I am little disappointed with the bag quality but I liked the color. And if I talk about products I love most the lip shade and then Wella BB lotion. This month’s bag is very much experimental and have products of different categories which is of course a good thing. I am also little disappointed for the delivery time, rest everything is fine. For the price of Rs.599, I must say its a good deal.

Do share your experience with Fab bag, below is the comment section for that.

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