My Review on Parachute Advansed Body Lotion With Coconut Milk and Mint With Price

I am quite sure that any girl would love her skin to be silky soft. I love when my skin is smooth and silky, and I give a major credit to my lotions! I have lost the count of the number of different lotions I have, and even after owning quite some, I happen to splurge again on them, you see can’t stop using these babies.

After owning lotions of The Body Shop, Victoria’s Secret’s lotion I now decided to try some of the affordable lotion brands and I got my hands on the Parachute Advanced body lotion coconut milk in the refresh. This body lotion comes in three variants and I got my hands on the Refresh to get a feel of summer in the winter 😛 Scroll down to read the review!

My Review:

I have tried the older version of the Parachute body lotion and loved it for my skin. This advanced body lotion was all that I needed, so read and find out did I really like it or not!

It comes in a light green plastic bottle with a flip cap and I love the hourglass shape of the bottle. The packaging is amazing, so there is no worry of spillage (yaay). Moving to the fragrance it does have a refreshing mint smell which I totally like it, but the fragrance isn’t overpowering.

The lotion comes in an off white shade and has a thick consistency which easily blends into the skin. The lotion is non-greasy, highly absorbent and nourishes the skin deeply. As soon as I apply it, I feel a cooling sensation which I guess is perfect for the sultry summer, however, I love the soothing fragrance, cooling sensation even in the winters.

The lotion is known for its long moisturizing hours, but as I have a normal to dry skin, the lotion does last only for a few hours, especially in the winters when my skin needs extra hydration, the lotion did not fare that great. I guess this product would be perfect for the oily skin beauties, who need absorbing and non-greasy lotion.


I would skip this product for the winters and stick back to my favorite TBS strawberry body butter. I guess for summers I would love this baby, as it is cool, refreshing and the best summer lotion.  

FABB- 3/5

Price: Rs. 160 for 250 ml

The body lotion has lovely packaging which is travel-friendly
It has a soothing fragrance reminding you for summer
The consistency of the lotion is thick
Absorbs easily into the skin
Makes the skin soft
Non-sticky or greasy
Perfect for oily skin

Not for dry skin
Doesn’t lasts all day

Have you used this lotion from Parachute? if yes then share your take on this product.

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