Celebrity Inspired Gym Outfit Styles to Try Right Away!

We always look up to influencers when it comes to inspiration! Be it clothing, makeup trends, books or an environmental cause, we some or the other way follow the ones we admire. And, Bollywood/Hollywood celebrities have been one such inspiration since long. Be it our favorite actor or the style icon actresses; celebrities always provide us #FashionGoals! We rely on them for our casual wear inspirations to work wear fashion. Gone are the days when working out was not everyone’s cup of tea and gym wear as a focus of clothing type.

With Athleisure Wear covering up the closets, people are nowadays seen in active wear, more than casual wear. I guess Athleisure is the new Casual! So, take some fashion inspiration for your gym outfits from the Bollywood/Hollywood fitness freaks and try them on to heat up your workout sessions!

The Cozy Joggers

For all those who do not prefer shorts and capris, try your hands on more comfortable and stylish Jogger pants. The all in one Jog pants can be your ultimate partner for yoga sessions, running, walking, cycling and everything else in your workout session. They come in bright and pop colors as well as styles, but the comfort is never left behind. These are the best winter saviors because chilly days require something that covers the body yet keeps it ventilated.

Joggers are the perfect workout partners for fitness freak women who don’t miss their session even in the cold. Many Bollywood/Hollywood actresses prefer these over other gym wear bottoms. Check the pictures out.

(Selena Gomez (left) and Alia Bhatt w/ Shahid Kapoor (right) in Joggers)

(Selena Gomez (left) and Alia Bhatt w/ Shahid Kapoor (right) in Joggers)

Sports Bras and Funky Crop Tops

Usually, sports bras don’t require any outer layering. They’re built to support women without any layering clothes. But, adding a stylish crop top to your regular sports bras won’t do any harm, right? Moreover, if layered, crops can help to absorb the sweat while the workout heat burns the calories in the form of sweat. Sports bras and crops can become a perfect combo while training hard outside in fresh air.

Sports bras come in trendy back strap styles, and crop tops on the other hand, with some cool open back styles. One can flaunt their sense of quirky fashion even while working their core out. Take the celebrity inspiration from the images and try your hands on them right away.

(L-R, Gigi Hadid, Sonam Kapoor & Demi Lovato flaunting Crop Tops and Sports Bras)

Skinny Tights & Leggings

The track pants miss out on curvy details which the skinny tights & leggings cover! This being the reason, most actresses lay their choice from track pants to leggings. The funk and vogue tights & leggings provide, attract today’s generation.

The style is not the only element which these skinnies have, but the stretch ability and ease too. The colors, patterns and designs always take the charm. The neon colors are so in the trend that you’ll see every other celebrity wearing them for their gym, Pilates or yoga sessions! Have a look.

(L-R, Jessica Alba, Ileana D’Cruz & Sofia Vergara in Skinny Tights)

The Evergreen Tees

Some women like their active wears to be as simple and as comfy as possible. Layering simply doesn’t comply them. For such fitness enthusiasts, the best options for workout regimes are long, half or sleeveless Sports Tees. Tanks are the most loved choice while exercising, but one cannot compete with the comfort of wearing a loose, spandex material, breathable sports T-shirt.

These tees come in numerous designs, colors, prints and styles, ones with the hood, thumb tucking sleeves and what not. Slaying working out choice, isn’t it? See how these stars cast a spell when they’re in their T-shirts.

(L-R, Rihanna, Shraddha Kapoor & Margot Robbie in Gym Tees)

The Feet Comforters

Sneakers being the new trendsetter in the style industry, they even compliment the sportswear look. The most flexible, stylish and comfortable workout feet comforters are none but the sneakers. They come in some quirky shades these days, enhance the overall look while you hit the gym or parks for your workout routines. The sneakers come with a versatile factor within them which sports shoes lack. So much so that the celebrities choose them over the sports shoes. An added advantage of this footwear is, you can sport them with the casual dresses as well.

(Gigi Hadid (left) and Dipika Padukone (right) sporting Sneakers)

Add some punk and quirk with the Shoppers Stop’s Sports Wear Collection for Women and heat it up in style. Cheers to the ‘Being Fit’ spirit of celebrities and superwomen around the globe. Get inspired, stay inspired, and stay fit in style!

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