FABB Review: FSalon Rajouri Garden Gold Highlights Full Head

Being a loyal follower of FashionAndBeautyBlogger (FABB), when Yogita asked me ‘Would you like to get a hair makeover?’ I was like Oh! WOW! I would love to.

But at first, I thought that it would be my first experience because before that I never had any hair treatment or anything done to my hair, except the haircut. So, I had my virgin hair. After thinking a while, I agreed to visit the place, and she made sure to get my appointment confirmed at FSalon, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi.

Before starting with my review about my experience at FSalon, I would like to Thank Yogita for giving me this opportunity on behalf of FABB. Lots and lots of kisses to you sweetheart! Also wanted to show you all salon pics –

FSalon Rajouri Garden Gold Highlights Full Head Review

FSalon Rajouri Garden Review

So, I went to FSalon before time and gave them a call. And think WHAT! They asked me to come after 2 hours. I was like SHIT! I was damn excited to get the hair highlights done. But, Thankfully! I received their call back, and they asked me just to come in and get the hair makeover done. I was greeted by two young ladies, and yes, the staff including them was very friendly and courteous. I liked their gestures. They were kind enough to help me with choosing which color highlights will suit me.

I was introduced to Ms. Shipra, a young smiling face woman who introduced me to a hairstylist, Mr. Mohd. Nadeem who is one of the FSalon’s stars hairstylists. I told him that it’s my first experience so it would be better to show me some pictures of the clients where I would exactly get an idea of what highlights are and how it is done. He showed me the pictures of his customers, and I liked the way he detailed me about everything.

After going through the catalog, we decided to get the Gold Highlights done. He customized the style depending on my hair length, texture, requirements, etc. My original hair color was subtle brown, and Nadeem suggested me to get gold highlights which will compliment my look. At first, I was a bit apprehensive to get my hair makeover done, though excited as well, yet he assured me that the result would give me a sexy look. So, I nodded him a yes to get it started.

First, Nadeem suggested me to get a hair wash done before beginning with highlighting. After getting the head wash and blow dry, I felt relaxed, and I was like Oh! WOW! ‘My hair looked so shiny and asked myself, why they never looked like this before.’ 😛 😛 LOL!

Soon, Nadeem started highlighting my hair with L’Oreal INOA Gold. He carefully packed them in silver foils. It took around 1 hour in applying the color. The color which he used for highlighting my hair was ammonia free. I had not faced any discomfort while getting the hair highlights. And all Thanks to Nadeem. The color was kept for about 20-25 minutes and one-by-one, he started taking of the foils and washing those hair strands in a water bowl.

Now, here comes the most tiring part, the removal of the silver foils and getting the hair wash done. It took almost 35-40 minutes. After the washing part came the hair drying and styling part. While Nadeem was drying and styling my hair, I could see the Gold highlights. I looked quite ecstatic because it completely changed my looks. Nadeem even suggested me to get a haircut, and I nodded for a front bang, just two. 😀 Ha!Ha!

Once the whole process was done, I was looking ravishing and received compliments from the entire staff. I loved the way. Gold highlights blended in so well. Till now, I have great shine in my hair, and they look lustrous. I liked the result. Personally, I found INOA a good color range and I would recommend you too for it.

FSalon Rajouri Garden Gold Highlights Full Head

FSalon Rajouri Garden Gold Highlights Full Head Review

So, if you are from West Delhi, then do give a visit to FSalon, Rajouri Garden. Mohd. Nadeem is quite good at his work, and the best part is that he won’t let you get bored because he will talk with you just like your other friends. Blah! Blah!

As far as my look is concerned, I just love it. Even my friends who were skeptical about the hair colors gave me compliments about my new look.

A big Thumbs Up to FSalon and their Staff. And of course! Love You and Thanks, Yogita!  

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