Top Party Eye Makeup Step By Step For Beginners (Via Pinterest)

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It is the holiday season and all I can think of is which place to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Delhi and what makeup look to do for the party. While I am still deciding on where to party on NYE, I found some real attention grabbing party eye makeup that would glam up the eyes instantly. I haven’t tried really fancy eye makeup till now, and majorly tried the bronze eye makeup, which looks great on all occasions.


But it is the party season and I have decided to go over the top. So if you are looking for chic eye makeup, then I am sure this post would be helpful. I have hand picked step by step tutorial from Pinterest and girls you can try any of these eye makeup with your existing eye palette. So read further and bookmark this post for future reference.


  1. Silver glitter eye makeup:

This is the most simple eye makeup that can instantly glam up your face. All you need is your eyeliner, kajal pencil and glitters. Apply your cat liner in the regular fashion and once it dries out, use your wet brush and apply the silver glitter above the cat eyeliner. If you wish, you can smudge out the corners of your eye and bring a smokey look.

P.S this is my favorite and I might definitely try this look.


  1. Gold glitter eye makeup:

Give a royal touch to your eyes with this super easy eye makeup.

  • Apply an eye primer on your lids and using a brown kohl pencil and draw a curve on your lids.
  • Blend it upwards to get a smoky look. Then on the outer lid, apply bronze shade and blend it for the smooth look.
  • Now come to your crease area and apply the bronze shade completely, make sure you blend both the brown and bronze makeup so that there are no harsh lines.
  • Then, if you wish, go a step further and add gold glitter to your eyes and then apply eyeliner and kohl pencil in your waterline, voila you are good to go.

Tip: use a wet brush to apply loose gold glitter.


  1. Smokey eye:

The infographic says it all, and this is the best eye makeup for night outs and parties. You would need any black kohl pencil, shimmery eye color and blending brush. Make sure you blend well to get the desired eye makeup.


  1. Burnt orange eye makeup:

This is another super easy eye makeup, which you can do with any shade that you have.

  • Apply the main shade (burnt orange) at the center of your lid and blend it out all over the lid.
  • Now take a chocolate brown shade and smoke it out at the outer corner of your eyes and spread the shade on your upper region and blend it well.
  • If you wish, wear an eyeliner or you can leave the makeup as such and look like a diva.


  1. Bronze eye makeup:

This step by step infographic will help you get the best eye makeup easily. Get glitters instead of the regular bronze shade and follow the steps to get this beautiful eye makeup.


  1. Silver metallic makeup:

This is one of the easiest eye makeup, just that you should have excellent blending technique.

  • Prep your eyes with the eye primer and then apply the silver shade  evenly all over your lid.
  • Take a darker shade (black, burgundy) and apply it to the corners of your eyelid and blend it inwards on the crease.
  • Give a smokey eye look by wearing a dark kohl in the waterline and smudge it.
  • Apply the highlighter on your brow bone and you will get the perfect party look.


I hope you can decide which eye makeup to try on this party season. Share your views in the comments below.

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