Affordable Makeup Brands in India

How many of you do this – Wakeup and Makeup!

We are quite sure many of us think and even do this. Makeup is a love that we girls are guilty of and we really don’t care, do we? But there are times when makeup just breaks our bank and for all those days we bring you top affordable makeup brands that are a hit in the Indian market and are a catch in your vanity. Take a look and go start shopping right away!


Most Affordable Makeup Brands in India

1. Miss Claire:

Miss Claire is for every college going girl who wants tons of lipsticks but at an affordable price. The brand sells amazing matte lipstick, foundation, kajal at a price less than Rs.800. Their lip creams just cost Rs. 275 and we totally suggest you buy them.

2. Elle 18:

We believe this is every girl’s favorite brand. The quality of the products is amazing and definitely worth the price. From nail paints to glow foundation, you can find stunning makeup products at affordable price. We personally love their nail paint and kajal collection.

3. Street Wear:


Another brand that is made big in the affordable makeup brand range is Street Wear. Their creative packaging will instantly grab your attention. If you are a nail art junkie, then you should definitely buy their nail paints which are only for Rs. 60! This brand even sells high-performance lipsticks, foundations.

4. Coloressence:


From foundation, blush to mascara, kajal, lipstick you can find everything under this big brand and the price is a killer! Their bridal kajal is just for Rs. 125 whereas the HD foundation is for Rs. 540. Amazing right? We find it one of the best budget friendly brands in India and highly recommend it to girls who are looking for affordable yet high quality.

5. Lotus Herbal:


The next in our list is Lotus Herbal and it is our go-to brand. The one thing we adore about Lotus is the all natural, 100% vegetarian makeup brand. The skin care brand is safe for all skin types and highly reasonable. Their kajal sell like hot cakes and we are obsessed with Ecostay nail enamel which is free of chemicals, 100% vegetarian and costs only Rs. 150.

6. ADS:


This brand will give you a feel of The Balm Cosmetics, their colorful palettes with unique names will make you fall in love with it. Also, the eye palettes are just for Rs.500, but at a discounted price on online sites. Try their Matte Me Ultra Smooth Lip Cream which is just for Rs. 205, isn’t that cool?

7. Personi:


This brand ain’t that popular but they are quite popular in the brick mortar stores. A Personi kajal would cost you only Rs. 149 and we definitely would suggest you try this brand for its high quality and reasonable price.

These were our top affordable makeup brands in India. Let us know which is your favorite brand in the comments below.

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