5 Natural Ways To Remove Makeup

By the end of the day, the one thing that makes me totally lazy is to remove my makeup. I find it super tiring to remove my makeup- especially my eye makeup, and I am quite sure that you too feel the same. Even though the market is flooded with makeup remover lotions, liquids, I often opt for natural ways sans chemicals or anything that can cause trouble to my skin.

And that is why after using these top ways to remove my makeup, I decided to share with you all the 5 different ways I remove makeup. Check them out, avoid commercial makeup removing products and boost healthy skin.

1. Almond Oil:

  almond oil as natural makeup remover

The first in my list is almond oil. I prefer this to remove my eye makeup and trust me girls, the oil not only removes my makeup easily but even leaves my skin super soft. Just pay few drops of almond oil and gently clean your eyes, lips and voila, you will have a squeaky clean face.

2. Baking soda and honey:


honey and baking soda as natural makeup remover

Makeup can settle into your skin, especially if you have open pores and the best way to remove makeup and cleanse the face is exfoliation. And I swear by the traditional baking soda and honey exfoliation method. Baking soda sloughs away the dead skin cell and honey will protect your skin from bacteria and other microbes.

I firstly wash my face with water and then apply this mixture on my face and after 2 minutes I pat my face with water and gently rub my face in circular motion. Along with a clean face, I get the satin soft skin.

3. Milk:


milk as natural makeup remover

I have read in various blogs that milk acts as a perfect cleanser and when I tried, I noticed that it did remove my makeup as well as gave a refreshing finish to my skin.

I prefer cold milk, and with the help of cotton pads, I gently rub my face with milk (sometimes honey) and tada the makeup is off. Also, the lactic acid in milk helps in clearing the skin from dead skin cells.

4. Vaseline:



I dedicate vaseline for my eye makeup, as I am quite afraid to smear vaseline on my face and clog my pores. So when my brain is frozen, I dab vaseline on my eyelids and gently rub in a circular motion- bye bye makeup. As it is made from waxes and mineral oil, vaseline does a great job in removing even heavy eye makeup easily.

5. Coconut oil:

If you don’t have almond oil, head for coconut oil- it works the same way. The greasy coconut oil easily removes the makeup from the face. Just a few drops of coconut oil and gentle rubbing will work amazingly to remove the makeup.

I hope this post helps you to remove your makeup naturally. Do share your views in the comments below.

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