4 DIY Home Remedies for Pimples, Acne Scars and Dark Spots ( For Indian Skin )

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Pesky pimples are the last thing that I want on my face and sometimes my skin has its own mind and then all of the sudden loathing pimples bumps on my face and just spoil my face. However I try my best to keep breakouts at bay, there is just no control over acne- they can trouble you anytime.

Sometimes due to my food habits, change of weather pimples just happens to trouble my face. So I decided to try home remedies which are natural and effective. I have tried these four DIYs and find all of these quite effective in reducing the bumps on my face. Read more and find out the easy ways to remove pimples.

1. Turmeric and aloe vera:

Aloe vera is my holy grail, I use it for my hair, skin, and face. Whenever I suffer from dry skin I just rub aloe vera gel on my face and my skin turns supple. However as aloe vera has antibacterial properties it kills the bacteria and fights acne, also turmeric heals the redness, combats acne and helps in skin lightening too.

How to use –  Mix both the ingredients and apply it generously over the pimple mark. I leave it for 10 minutes and wash with cold water. Sometimes I rub aloe vera gel on my face and leave it overnight, which will help in nourishing my skin.


2. Lemon juice and egg white:

Eggs are the best way to beat pimples and scars. Eggs even help in cleansing the pores, removes blackheads and keeps the face flawless. Also lemon is rich in Vitamin C that will fight acne and prevent further bumps.

How to use – Avoid applying lemon directly on your face as it can sting, instead, dilute it and mix with egg white and with the help of makeup brush coat your face with this mixture. Peel this mask after 10 minutes and with regular usage, it will remove acne, dark spots, hyper pigmentation and acne scars.


3. Cinnamon and lemon juice:

As lemon juice is a holy grail for acne prone skin, you can mix it with cinnamon powder and say goodbye to your acne. Lemon juice will cleanse your skin from bacteria, slough the dead skin cells and give a fresh look, whereas cinnamon powder has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that will combat acne.

How to use – Mix both the ingredients and apply to your acne spots (don’t use as a face mask) and leave for 6-7 minutes. Wash with cool water and acne will slowly disappear.


4. Tea tree oil:

If you have read my post on how I use tea tree oil, you will know how fabulous tea tree oil is. It just flattens the bumps and even keeps acne at bay. Also, it fades the dark spots, acne scars and keeps your skin youthful and flawless. Tea tree oil can tingle your skin and the smell can irritate you, but the result is worth the tingle and smell. Also, you can mix tea tree in your toner, face pack and get healthy skin.

The Body Shop Tea Tree oil Review

I hope these easy DIYs help you in bidding good-bye to all your flaws.

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