6 Skin Care Mistakes To Avoid In Winters

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Winter is coming! And the one thing the harsh, cold weather can attack is your skin. During the chilly weather, the skin turns parched and dry and needs the maximum attention. If you thought moisturizing is the ultimate skin care regime, then you ought to read this post. As my skin turns super dry during the winters, I thought it would be perfect to write a post on how to pamper your skin in the winters. So change your skin care regime for the winter and protect your skin from wrinkles, dryness. I bet when you avoid these mistakes your skin will look glowy and feel baby soft. Isn’t it tempting? So let’s dive into the skin mistakes that we all should totally avoid in the winters.

1. Licking lips instead of lip balm:


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2. Pampering your skin with hot showers:
This is a horrid crime! Hot showers and winters are a terrible combination and trust me no matter how soothing the hot showers are, you are indeed making your skin dry and parched. Yes, hot showers can strip out the natural oils from your body and turn your skin dry and itchy. So stick to lukewarm showers.

3. Not applying sunscreen in the winters:

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This is a common myth that if there is no sun shining brightly upon us then there is no use of smearing sunscreen? But throughout the year UVA rays are high and they cause wrinkles, fine lines, cancer. So to protect your skin from this heavy damage it is essential to wear a sunscreen.

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4. Sticking to summer skincare regime:


It is not right to still follow the summer skincare regime in the winters. Instead, opt for a new regime that involves good hydrating products that will protect your skin from turning dry, cracking up. I suggest you should stop using gel based products and focus on buttery products like shea butter, oils that will penetrate deep into your skin and keep it super soft. Hydrating mask, eye creams are a must-have during the chilly weather.

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5. Skipping exfoliation:

We all stick to CTM but CTEM is extremely important for the cold winters. You might think scrubbing can make your skin, even more, drier, but if you don’t exfoliate your skin can turn dull and lifeless. Hence never skip this step and make sure you don’t exfoliate more than once a week.

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6. Sleeping on a cotton pillow case:


It is often recommended to sleep on a silk pillowcase and especially during the winters, I would recommend you avoid cotton pillow case as it will absorb all the natural oils from your face and make it dry and even cause wrinkles. If you are using cotton pillow case change it right away to the silk pillowcase.

If you are guilty committing these crimes, then I hope you stop them right away. Pamper your skin and keep the glow and softness alive even during the winters.



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