How To Make Nails Beautiful At Home with Simple Tricks

It is often said that nails are a mirror of our overall health, but they are often ignored by many in a regular skincare routine. Well groomed nails can add points to one’s comprehensive personality. Whether you want to adorn Gothic with dark colors or feminine with soft pastels or fun with bright colors or artsy with some nail art, your nails can speak effortlessly speak about your personal style.

Nails play a very important role to extend the beauty of our hand and feet and it is an essential part of our body. Nowadays every girl is crazy for the long nails and paying every month to get their nails colorful, coated and beautiful but they don’t know that how to do care of nails at home.

Tips to take care of nails at home

So, for those girls, we are sharing some amazing tips to increase the beauty of nails and also make your nails strong and healthy.

Tips to take care of nails at home – 

Tips to take care of nails at home

  •  Always remember to Keep fingernails dry and clean
  •  Trims the nails Regularly
  •  Never Cut Nails from Blade or scissors
  •  Use Hand cream
  •  Apply Lemon slice after the use of Nail Paint Remover
  •  Try to avoid overuse of Nail Paint remover
  •  Avoid metal nail tools

Tips for growing the nails faster –


  • Take a healthy diet to avoid the breakage of nails
  • Use a base coat to protect the nails
  • After using Nail Paint keep your hands in cold water
  • Always use branded Nail Paints and remover
  • Protect nails from UV light

Tips to protect nails from breakage – 

How To Make Nails Beautiful At Home with Simple Tricks

  • Massage your nails with olive oil and coconut oil
  • Soak your fingers in lemon and orange juice for few minutes twice a week.
  • Rub Petroleum Jelly on your nails
  • Wear Gloves in Bathroom and Kitchen
  • Take proper Vitamins

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