Activities of my 6-month-old baby, Druvika Gupta

As a mother laud yourself for sailing through the first 6 months of your baby’s life. It is touted as one of the most difficult phases of being a mother and the recovery after your delivery happens at the same time. In six short months, I have seen my baby grow and develop and have been wonderful to watch it.

Sit back and provide some credit to yourself for being a wonderful mother to your beautiful child. From watching my baby girl communicate and slowly sitting up on her own, it has been a marvelous journey of its own.

Let me list out the activities of my 6-month-old daughter over here:

  1. My baby has started to recognize me, my husband, and also, her toys

It is a long enough period for your child to recognize you and your partner. The senses reach a stage where the baby will develop a familiarity towards the two most important people of its life. In my case, Baby Druvika has been able to connect with me & Mohit 🙂

And she recognizes her most favorite and first toy a lot that is dancing honey bee gifted by her Bua. You will notice that in the video.

  1. My baby has developed a curiosity towards things and even tries to hold on to them

Baby Druvika has been able to hold on to things when I pass it on to her. Babies start to develop a grip and try to hold on to tiny or small objects. The curiosity towards them is huge and they might enjoy things that make some sort of noise as well. Druvika is most curious about the toys that have light and sounds.

  1. Baby Druvika has begun teething

Teething basically refers to the growth of teeth arising for the first time or coming through gums. With infants, it can begin as early as 5 months or mostly within their 1st year. Dentists term this as ‘early’, ‘average’ or ‘late’ teethers. My baby girl began teething by her sixth month. There are a lot of teething safe rattles available on online-offline stores and helps the baby at this stage. We noticed her first teeth in Aug first week, just when she completed her 6th month. Spot her teeth in the below pic.

  1. Baby Druvika has started to roll over and even crawl on the bed

This is considered as an important milestone for an infant. This stage could happen between 4 to 6 months and varies for every infant.

My baby started to roll over around this time and also manages to crawl within the bed too. This is also a stage where you should have constant attention on your child as he or she could fall over the bed as she tries to crawl around.

Enjoy Baby Druvika’a 6 months activities in this video

These are the activities of my six-month-old baby girl and I am more than thrilled to be writing about it. Do not worry if your baby does it a little late than you expected her to. This is part of the baby’s natural and growing up process.

Enjoy these months of parenthood as it surely is a joy to see your baby growing up


Happy Parenthood 🙂
Mohit, Yogita & Druvika

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