Top 5 Toys to Engage 1 Year Old Baby Druvika At Home

The behavior of growing kids is unpredictable. At the growing stage, they need a parent’s proper contribution and attention. I am a mother of 14 months old  girl and believe it or not; I am enjoying my time but at times it is tiring too. I must admit, she encourages me to become more active, and so far, she has made me multi-task.

Here I would like to share my personal experience that how I am engaging my 1-year-old daughter at home to help her grow with knowledge and skills; I hope this will be beneficial for you as well.

Here is a list of  TOYS to engage a 1-year-old baby:-

Play with Stack Rings: – Being a responsible parent, I want my daughter to grow and learn things in the best possible way. After extensive research over the internet, I thought to procure stack rings for her when she turned 8 months old. In the very starting Druvi was only able to remove the rings but now when she is 14 months old, she can even stack them.

This toy is unique in its way. Stack rings are a classic toy with an ample amount of benefits. Stack rings help to develop eye and hand coordination, upgrade problem-solving skills, and teach color recognition techniques for growing kids.

Play with the Learning Cottage Toy: – Well birthday presents are precious and Druvika did receive one such on her 1st birthday.

First, she was amazed upon gazing the toy because the toy was full of different colors. Then she was confused because it was a completely new concept for her. That was the time as a mother; I should step in and guide her once.

Upon the first demonstration, she picked the concept and started playing with the hut. The toy has different animal shapes on the top, and music sounds make this toy more interesting for my baby. She started learning different sounds very quickly, and so far, this is her one of the best toys.

Hard cover or Fabric Books: – When she turned one, she also received a gift of My First Library Book set. First, I was amazed at why anyone would like to gift books to a year old kid. The moment I opened the bookcase I saw different kinds of books were stacked in the case such as ABC, Animals and Pets, Colors, and wild animals.

Druvika was very excited to take those books in her hands. Crinkle pages were bringing laugh on her face. Upon gazing on the shapes of a cat, dog, and lion, she is even learning their voice, and most of the time, she practices those voices with me when she sees me tired. This rejuvenates me a lot.

Pull along Toys: – Such pull along toys are suitable for kids who seek mobility and want to explore their surroundings. As my baby can walk freely, I thought of introducing this toy for her. And guess what her big brother Anvay already played with this toy.

She loves this cute little dog as wherever Druvika goes, she pulls this toy.

She giggles a lot and keeps moving around the house. I enjoy seeing her around the house, and she enjoys walking from one corner to another. While she was learning walking, I even once tied this cute little puppy with her walker, see that funny video below.


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Flash Musical Drum: – This is the top engaging toy I gifted to the elder brother of Druvika when he was 1-year old.

From my experience, babies love toys that have lights & sounds. Flash Musical drum is one such option and this toy has a lot more options to entertain the little kid. Even Druvika played with this toy for some time, Musical sound and flashing colorful lights of this toy bring a cheeky smile on my daughter’s face. She plays the drum, and I have seen her coordination among hands-mind has developed a lot. She has learned a lot about how to balance things.

Wow! I am feeling very positive about sharing my experience with you guys. Thanks for taking a moment out to read out my point of view. If you are a mother and having a one-year-old kid, then this article will be beneficial for you guys. Please share your experience in the comment box so that I can figure out what my audience wants to pen down for next time.

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