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Well, I already talked a lot about that we love to go on drives and short vacations and yes we are waiting for this pandemic to finish, so that we can start exploring new places again. Here as a mom of a 17 months old baby girl let me tell you my must have list of travel essentials with a baby, so that everyone can enjoy the drive –

For baby –

✅Baby Wipes
✅Baby Diapers
✅Baby rattles or fav toy of your baby
✅1 extra pair of cloths if you are only out for a drive.
✅Baby water bottle and milk bottle
Snacks if your baby can munch on ( fav. fruit of your baby, Makhanas, potato nuggets or you know better)
✅Baby bib and hankerchief
✅Most important mosquito patches or roll on as per weather.

And for Parents –

  • Hand Sanitizer is the must in the days of Pandemic & face mask
  • Have a good comfortable car seat for your little one to enjoy your car drives fullest. We have Luvlap Sports Car Seat, the best available option for all Indian parents. This Luvlap car seat is safe and sturdy and very comfy.

To know the features of this check below given link of my post where I explained features of this car seat.

Much Love
Yogita Aggarwal Gupta
Indian Mom and a Lifestyle Blogger/ Vlogger and Influncer

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