Unique Birthday Theme Ideas for Boys and Girls

A birthday is a new beginning of another new year of the life. Everyone wants to make it special and memorable by celebrating, specially if the birthday is of a kid. Unequivocally, finding a proper theme for the kid’s birthday party and organizing that theme, needs a lot of planning and headache. But the good fact is today’s mostly toddlers know what theme they want but still in case if your toddler left that task for you then do not need to worry. Here we are sharing some of the birthday theme ideas for boys and girls.

Birthday Theme Ideas for Boys

Pirate Theme

It is one of the most classic birthday party themes for the boys and has been used as a birthday theme for boys for more than 20 years. And yes this theme is still so new to Indian birthday parties.


  • Decorate your home with black and while balloons
  • Use black printed hats
  • Customize a cake by looking for ships shape
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Harry Potter

Nowadays, not only kids but even adults are also crazy about Harry Potter. You should try the Harry Potter birthday theme for an adventurous and exciting birthday for your super intelligent kid.


  • Buy wizards hats and make golden snitches by sticking feathers.
  • Get a harry potter cake
  • organize a magic show for kids in party

Minion Party

Minions have become famous in recent times are a trending topic among boys. A minion themed party will be your birthday boy’s birthday dream for sure.


  • Decorate the venue of a party with yellow and blue balloons.
  • Distribute the minion stuff toys as return gifts

Superhero Party

Most kids love superhero be it, Batman, Superman, or Hulk. You can plan a superhero birthday theme for your cute boy. He will be glad by seeing his favorite superhero at his birthday party.


  • Set a superhero dress code for all kids.
  • Customize your cake with a superhero look for a better theme look.
  • Give superhero eye masks to other kids to have fun

Angry Birds Party

Angry Birds are very popular among kids as well in adults. If your kids prefer watching and touching birds, then Angry Birds will be a perfect birthday theme for sure.


  • Decorate your party venue with lots of balloons by printing angry birds on them.
  • Customized cake with angry birds will be better.
  • Keep some play activities for kids

Birthday Theme Ideas for Girls

Cinderella Theme 

Every daughter is the dad’s princess then why not Cinderella birthday theme for her? There are several party accessories and supplies available in the market for this theme.


  • Check out the tiaras and the cute accessories for other girls to take home.
  • Try customizing the cake and make it look like the fairytale castle
  • Give a look of Cinderella to the party venue

All Pink Party

If your little girl is a proud member of the pink brigade, then you should consider this birthday theme for your little girl. And yes, pink birthday party supplies are very to find.


  • Decorate the party venue with pink ribbons & go for pastel pink balloons
  • Make your little one look like a pink princess.

Disney Frozen Party

Girls are the big fond of Disney Princesses, but hang on fathers are also obsessed with Frozen princess. We celebrated Druvika’s first birthday with this theme.


  • Choose Metallic Blue, Blue, Silver and White color for decoration
  • Now you need to dress your sweet girl in the form of Disney princess, You can choose make her look very special in a white dress or go for the color of theme blue.
  • Get some frozen party supplies to make party more fun.

Unicorn Party

If you have already done barbie or frozen doll birthday parties then its time to go for a pastel unicorn birthday theme.


  • First, decorate your big house with colorful pastel ballons
  • Add Unicorn Foil ballons to make party fun

Finally, you are aware of the unique birthday theme ideas for your kids. So, what are you waiting for? Start making plans for your kid’s birthday right now! And do let me know which birthday theme is your favorite.

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