22 March – Janta Curfew, A Day with Most Memorable Evening in India

Last some weeks and even coming few weeks are going to be tough but the only good thing about this Covid 19 days is the 5 PM of Janta Curfew Day.
That moment was magical… I have never seen those many neighbors in the balcony, jokes apart. Everyone was doing their bit to cheer the Corona warriors. Those few minutes not only I experienced the very different music coming out from different objects like the plate, spoon, railing, shankh, clappings but a song of UNITY, a song of HOPE, a song of APPRECIATION.


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In the tough time of Corona Virus when everyone is busy washing and sanitizing their hands by following self-isolation, there are many who are still stepping out to help us. Without worrying about themselves and their families they are serving us.

When I was clapping that moment I truly said thanked the Mother Earth, Doctors, Nurses, Researchers, Media, Police, Security guards, Transportation Staff,  House Helps and Shopkeepers who are still working.
Social media is filled with lakhs of clips those are nothing but just showing love & gratitude. I am glad I was the part of that time, I am glad my little me experienced that moment too, I truly believe this high spirit of India will definitely beat the Corona so soon.
I wish India always to be this United. Those few moments, no one was bothering about religion, language, state, city or community, everyone was standing together with an invisible thread of unity. Thanks to PM Modi, who initiated this ‘Lifetime Moment’.
Have you experienced that moment? how’s vibes around you at that time? Do share in comments.
Lots of Love & Courage,
Stay isolated to Break the chain….

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