How i met my husband on matrimonial site? What were the points i kept following?

What quality you want in your spouse? He/She must take good care of you, he/she must love to the moon and back, he/she must respect your family, etc. I am happy to tell you that i have found these qualities in my husband who was waiting for me on one of the matrimonial sites, Yes.. you got me right. We met on

How i met my husband on matrimonial site? What were the points i kept following?

Me and Mohit

Born in an Indian family takes a toll on you when you cross your 20’s. Maybe you can connect through this.


Because they keep asking you to tie down and get settled.

It is kind of right thing, if you see from their point of view. However it’s a big juggle when you are handling your 9 to 5 job plus your masters as well.

Although you don’t have any choice besides fulfilling their wish but the process is a roller coaster. However, my sweetie, nobody is going to drop by your side by just binging over Netflix. What can i do?

Oh lord ! Shift your eyes from your TV to your PC and sign up for the matrimonial site. Now you must be thinking what’s next?

Here is the answer !

You need to find your partner besides you are there for that purpose only. Hahaa.

Now the next question pop-ups in your mind how can i find legit candidate to tie the knot?

Keep following sweetie, here i am providing the checklist that i followed while searching for my mr perfect. This checklist is working for all those people out there searching for their spouse (husband or wife).

Profile Picture says it all

First of the thing that is visible and obvious which is Profile Picture. Now when you are going to hunt for your perfect partner make sure you check the other pics of that profile. I used to check all the pics as profile picture can be a dream also, i hope you are getting my thoughts here.

And yes for me a decent looking pic, mattered a lot. I kind of never liked blurry pics, selfies with bad angles…

Tip – Also the people with most charming pics & account were actually very difficult to deal with.

Look at the bio

Now that you have got to know about the sincerity of the candidate, you need to check about their quick intro. Yeah a quick intro will be something casual but true, walking through their background to their surrounding etc. This will help you to know if this is the one.

You must check in bio –

  • Family Details
  • Location
  • Profession & Income
  • Hobbies
  • & most importantly what the account has mentioned in the desired partner’s profile 

Consider Verified & Paid profiles

Now the next thing which comes next, is a verification tick. Yes, like you get to see the verification tick on Twitter, Instagram, you can find a verification mark on the verified profile. When a person is legit, the website verifies it and you can see the verification mark on the profile. Which is why you can be assured about the person or the account. As I am not aware with the current interface of websites, you should basically prefer accounts those are paid there. Because no one will pay these portals to flirt a girl for sure. At the same time check since how long that account is active. The one from years can be tough to deal with.  

Exactly, the point is, if someone willing to find spouse genuinely, they will be eager to get it from any source and paid account broadens their search.

Who is handling profile & with whom you are doing conversations –

Now, the next thing after verified profile is to check if the candidate is handling their profile by themselves only. Yeah, because if they commit a chunk of their daily routine to their account then it’s a green signal.

In our case, i was handling my Jeevansathi account and Mohit’s profile was being handled by his big brother. And the first conversation was in between my mother and Mohit’s big brother.

Tip – If you are a girl and don’t really want to be bothered with unwanted calls or messages of boys you met through matrimonial portals, don’t give your permanent number, give your brother’s contact no or may be your temp contact number.

Don’t get your hopes high

Let’s say that you makes turn around about 4 lakh or maybe 10 lakh a year and you want to get married to a person who earns like 40 lakhs per year. Sweety that is not the right thing. As you know that your parents have to take care of the arrangements and they will be juggling after you get married.

Tip – Even in terms of look, always remember beauty will fade away if the person is not humble.

So, be specific what you want and filter your list according to that. With that being said we come across our next point.

Be specific what you want

If you are a working woman and want to get married to man who understands you and want to add in your routine then specify that. Or if you want a doctor to marry with, then specify it in your bio.

Take the charge and put your points about  –

  • Your preferred location
  • Your family responsibilities
  • Your likes & dislikes
  • Your career goals
  • Your eating and drinking habits….

After all marriage is not  one night stand, it’s a commitment and bond of love and that will only survive if you both will understand, support each other

Don’t get settled for less

Now there are some of the people who will meet you. After that they will be pulling down you to be friends or maybe approach you again and again but you need to be careful. Like if you want to be friends, aren’t the Instagram and Facebook right place?

Take your time, choose wisely and most importantly. Don’t loose HOPE.

You might end up meeting 30-40 people and even after most of the meeting, you will be getting the vibes of – I think he is the one…. And then no response… don’t lose hope because your soulmate is yet to come in the picture.

Take a break, uninstall these matrimonial app & enjoy a vacation, your hobby or work.

These were some of the points that i kept on my mind while i was searching for my spouse. This is the checklist for those people searching for their perfect partner online. Hope it brings good in your life also.

And yes, as i mentioned we met on Jeevansathi that doesn’t mean you have to try that app only, try the matrimonial platforms as per your choice. I was even on but then we were destined to be met on

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