UCB cancer Awareness campaign got the huge success, thanks to Subhash Yadav

UCB Cancer Awareness Campaign views full attendance in village, all credit to Mr. Subhash Yadav

Cancer Awareness Campaigns are held frequently in remote villages to make the people aware of this dreaded disease. But, it is commonly seen and experienced that village people do not make it a point to attend it even though it might be termed as compulsory. But, things do change if efforts are made with sincerity and honesty. The scene was drastically different this time in an awareness campaign held at Government High School, Nakhrola, Manesar yesterday. There was full attendance of villagers who eagerly attended the 2-hour program organised by UCB India as a CSR initiative,  specially because of Mr. Subhash Yadav.


Mr. Subhash Yadav extended help and support to the noble cause by visiting the villagers personally and making them aware of the dreaded disease, its symptoms and ill-effects to the villagers. This further encouraged them to attend the campaign compulsorily and make it a huge success. Add to it the hard work of all the doctors and nurses present who did health check-ups of all the villagers for early cancer detection.

UCB values its patients and is science-driven in its techniques and equipments. United Colors of Benetton is a renowned fashion clothing company that took an amazing initiative to protect the lives of humans by setting a cancer check up camp It has a special Corporate Social Responsibility section that works in its collaboration to make a difference to the lives of the patients and their families.

One would feel obliged to UCB and Mr. Subhas Yadav, who planned to make a difference by spreading awareness about cancer in a small village of Maneser and were successful to achieve full cooperation from all the villagers.

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