All you need to know about ASUS ZenFone 3, My Selfie Partner

Asus, a Taiwanese multinational computer hardware and electronics company, popular with its tagline, “in search of the incredible” has given the world one of its most incredible products – ZenFone 3.


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With the abundance of mobile phones, every day we see a new one coming up with extra features; add ons, etc to make its mark in the huge market of technology. Still only a few are well known, brands have their own supreme spaces and who doesn’t know about the iphonisation of the world!

But its time to take a virtual tour to this next generation iconic phone by one the largest tech company in the world.

Asus being the best at developing PCs /laptops is quite popular for its extremely sleek looking smart phones. Last year, Asus released a bevy of the phones and most of them were released under the brand name ZenFone.

ZeneFone 3 captured the market in August 2016 providing a high edged device, user friendly functions and a great compatibility with almost all applications for a smooth run.

Available in three cool colours Sapphire Black, Moonlight White, Shimmer Gold with a screen size of 5.2 inches, weight of 144 grams and full HD resolution screen, it is an extraordinary box full of happiness worth only Rs 21,999 with such mind-blowing features that will make you buy the phone right now!


  1. Dual sim GSM+GSM
  2. Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system
  3. Internal memory upto 32 GB which can be extended to 2 TB
  4. Front camera of 8 MP and the secondary one of 16 MP
  5. Fingerprint sensor
  6. 4G available
  7. Chipset of Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 MSM8953
  8. Octa-core processor
  9. Li-ion battery with a capacity of 2650 mAh

Why buy it?


Talking about the advantages or the add on features of this phone, one thing sure shot to just go and buy this phone is the PRICE which is unbelievable when compared to competitors rate list.


Many people have to compromise with one or the other feature of the phone due to the rates in which they have demand the device for but with ASUS ZenFone one can easily attain all the possible features they desire.


The looks have been defined fairly well enough from the last models and making it equally competitive to the other. So you can easily get a well built, super sleeky and sexy design.


Officially no other company provides so many features in a smart phone with such a budget but there are a few cons to it too –

  1. Though it promises a well built RAM but sometimes the Applications also seems to lag.
  2. Price is good when we consider looks and camera but not in the range of people who prefer to buy budget smartphones under 10k.
  3. Despite the good looks of the handset it seems quite big, not good for a person who loves small and compact phones.
  4. There is an irreplaceable battery

Asus’s endeavours in its inspirational discovery are truly acknowledged but before buying it one needs to choose the side of – numerous Pros or a few cons!

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