My Favorite Fashion Jewelry Online Sites In India

I totally stand by the quote that diamonds are girl’s best friend. I adore diamonds and can trade anything for that! I am a big time jewelry junkie and love my collection which keeps growing every week or month, based on my mood. Actually speaking, whenever I get unhappy or demotivated, I shop for jewelry! Don’t know if you guys can relate, but I feel like wearing matching jewelry for most of my outfits! I have been doing that since my college days and I still continue to do that.

Anyhow if you love jewelry as much as me, then this post would be enlightening. After years of shopping, I have found certain fashion jewelry sites that match to my tastes and have incredible service that makes me buy from them again and again. Read more and know about the top fashion jewelry sites in India from where you should buy your fashion jewelry.

1. Romoch:


Romoch is my current favorite and I wish I knew about this site long back. They have chic and attention grabbing pieces, each of them worth drooling. And the best part is the price range and service. The price range is super affordable and I just love their service, they have prompt customer service and deliver on time.

P.S if you love statement jewelry then go shop from them.

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2. Rhea Jewellery:

If you love contemporary jewelry, then you will instantly fall in love with this stunning brand. I love their statement earrings and necklace collection, it has a high-end touch and perfect for parties and functions. Also, the designs and patterns are unique and worth owning.

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3. Style Fiesta:

This is an affordable jewelry site that has some classy and quirky collection that will make you want all of them. I love their earrings, choker necklace collection and guess everything from their site is adorable. If you are looking for creative phone covers then do check out their accessories section, you will find amazing stuff. They even have watches, body chains, beauty accessories and much more.

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4. Gharaz by Vishakha Agrawal:

One of my favorite jewelry store that designs jewelry with the blend of Indian and western look. What I love about this brand is that the jewelry is handmade and instantly brightens the face. I have done mega jewelry haul from this site and totally love it. Check out their collection if you want contemporary jewelry.

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5. Bling Lane:

From pretty necklaces, earrings to body chain, anklets you can get everything at one store and if you are looking for out of the box jewelry then trust me,  shop with them and you will be pleased. They have amazing deals, the new collection, which are at a reasonable price and a must have.

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6. India Jewellery Love:

Looking for jewelry with a traditional touch, then I am sure you would be pleased with this amazing Instagram store India Jewellery Love. Their collection is classy and would amp up your Indian and western clothes. I love their earring designs and wish that they own a website for easy shopping. However, you can check them at Instagram.

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7. Zariin Jewelry:

Another amazing store where you can buy traditional jewelry is Zariin Jewelry. I love their collection, especially their necklaces which are gosh incredible. Their product is a value for money and I bet you will instantly fall in love with their collection.

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Do you love jewelry? Then shop, with these amazing jewelry sites and also share with me your favorite jewelry store in India. 


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