Fabb Review : Little Black Dress Jewelry Organizer Review

If you are the one fashion follower like me who always love to dress up with matching jewelry and you have so many jewelry then I am writing this blog only for you.

When you have so many jewelry pieces it becomes very difficult to organize all your jewelry but my little black dress jewelry organizer is the best option that you can easily find online.

I recently bought this from Amazon and I guess this one is the best jewelry organizer one girl can ever have.  This product is listed on Amazon India with name ‘Ez Life Little Black Dress Accessories Organiser’ and I got this for INR 179 during sale.

I found this product so helpful in arranging my junk and semi precious jewellery.  For the price I received I found this one is a good deal.  I am not sure about the exact life of product but I using it from last 3 months and it’s good in condition.

This organizer is available in pink and black color. Let me show you the pics of organizer I have and how I am using this. This LBD comes without hanger and you can use any normal hanger to hand this.

I am hanging my LBD jewellery organizer in almira door, where would you prefer?  Share below in comment section.

Link to buy – Ez Life Little Black Dress Accessories Organiser

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