How my life changed after being a mother? – Mom blogs after 3.8 yrs.


Yes, I am still there… and writing this blog for you.

So, a friend asked a very interesting question to me and I thought I should share the answer with you too.

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Question – How my life changed after being a mother? 

Answer – ( Please excuse for the long one )

After a baby, there is nothing certain in life.. your months of planning for an event can go wrong if your child is not well that day… and that really hurts (for both the reasons).

Let me tell you my life is not mine anymore. I have someone who is a mini version of me. Sometimes I take care of her and sometimes she does the same for me.. She is obsessed with each and everything that I need most, and I have to compromise. Her health, her playtime, her education, her safety is the biggest concern.


If I talk about as couple, we no more fight for stupid reasons,

  • We fight for the color she will be wearing today.
  • What snacks she should eat?
  • If any of us is over pampering her?
  • Why am I getting more kisses than him?

and so on.

In other words, life is a beautiful mess, filled with so many unexpected surprises (those are annoying too), sometimes sleepless nights and sometimes guilt for giving her screen time or compromising on a nutritious meal with a quick snack.


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It’s a beautiful but a tiring experience. Raising a child and seeing her growing is so satisfying & shocking at the same time. We might not realize this in the hustle of daily life but when you sit calmly and think you can feel those emotions. You suddenly believe in praying more, good habits bad habits, a proper routine and in keeping your child safe from evil eyes (Nazar lgna).

That’s it for now… See you soon next time 🙂

Love from
Mommy Yogita who is pretending to be busy..but she is but she is not .. it’s complicated:)

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