How to cure hairfall after pregnancy with oiling?

Being a daughter and now a mom myself, life seems to have taken a complete circle. I have had a conversation with my mom about being a mom and how pregnancy changes your life altogether. We all have the best “champi” memories with moms, haven’t we? Well, after being married and being a mom, this one experience went missing. One thing that has not changed is my mom giving me some home remedies and tips for skin and hair care.

When you are a first-time mom, you go through the changes you did not expect, predict, or thought of. Even though these all mean the same, I am sure only women who are mums can understand it. The joy of motherhood brings issues like back pain, hair fall, skin-related issues, etc. Well, one thing that irked me a lot was the increased hair fall. Like I mentioned before, my mom has shared a lot of home remedies, but somehow they did not do much work for me. Later I realized I used to skip oiling, just because I thought masking should be good enough. I know the worst decision ever.

To be honest, I did go through some stress and like any common person; there are things that one has to deal with. As they say, life is not always hunky-dory. And because of the stress and also after pregnancy, I did suffer hair fall. Even the ones claiming to be the best anti-hair fall shampoo, or oil products did not help me.  Now, in the beginning, you don’t pay much attention to the hair fall. I ignored it but slowly and steadily it got to my notice that the hair fall had become a little more than what could be ignored. I consider hair to be one of the most important features that add to one’s personality. And I did not want to compromise with my hair quality; I did some regressive research to find out the best anti-hair fall oil and tried out a lot of products too.

Then I came to know about Kesh King Ayurvedic Oil. Yes, I have used a lot of hair oils before, then why do I feel that Kesh King is any different? Well, definitely the other oils help in improve your scalp health slowly. But Kesh King also promotes new hair growth. Remember those small bald patches we tend to get, which somehow gets hidden with hairstyle but those patches are really irritating. Well, to be honest, I have seen small baby hair growing on them. And that is the most amazing thing ever. You cannot expect any product to work overnight. These do take time but they show results if you add them to your routine. Now, oiling is something we must do twice a week. I know this is a task in today’s hectic lifestyle. I too have been there, but take out some time from your life and consider this. Add them to your routine and you will definitely see the change.

Also, below is something that I have come to know about hair care:

  • Oiling twice a week is a must
  • Use Ayurvedic shampoo – I prefer Kesh King Antihairfall shampoo as it reduces hairfall and also made hair smooth and silky
  • Do not skip any of the two steps
  • Drink loads of water, at least 3 liters a day, you will see a considerable difference
  • Add more fiber to your diet

The other thing that has added to the benefits of Kesh King was that it is the only hair oil brand that has its own helpline for answering hair fall related questions. Yes! Can you think about that? They have a helpline that provides you with a free consultation on hair problems. The helpline number is 1800 103 5155. Also, when I had read about the oil I researched the claims it was making and what were the reviews, I had thought that this will be one of the oils that are on a high-end level. Firstly for the benefits and secondly it is an Ayurvedic clinically tested product which proves it reduces hairfall and grows new hair better than other ayurvedic hair oils. To my surprise, this oil is not expensive, rather cheaper than its competitors. And the claims are verified. I can see my hair getting better in terms of fall decreasing and the hair becoming healthier.

I have been sharing a lot of personal experiences on my blog. From my pregnancy to being a mother to everything. My major focus has always been on letting my readers and audiences be aware of what my experiences have been and if I can be of help to them.

I am a working mother; I need to look after my child and also myself and my work as well. Being a mother is a full-time job. But we cannot avoid the fact that to look after everyone we need to take care of ourselves. And some pampering does not do any harm. Well, oiling is a necessity and no luxury. But once you have so many things to do, oiling your hair becomes a luxury too.

Also, one thing I was ignorant of was to use hair oil, shampoo, and hair conditioner. There was always shampoo involved but oil and conditioning is something I would skip once a while. However, my lesson was that one should always follow a regime. No matter how fancy it may sound, but having a routine is a must if you want to see results. Kesh king has all three essentials oil, shampoo and anti-hairfall conditioner and it is most effective when you add all three products to your routine. The kesh king anti-hairfall shampoo is one of the best hair fall control shampoo I have used until now.

The Kesh King oil comes with a deep root comb that allows the oil to reach into the roots. The last but actually the most important thing is availability. The KeshKing hair oil and anti-hairfall shampoo are available in any retail shops, on their website:

There are even other products that are available by Kesh king, as I mentioned their Kesh King conditioner and also the Kesh King ayurvedic capsule. The shampoo and the oil have been a game-changer for me.

For me when it comes to the recommendation I do not recommend products that I do not trust. Hands down the Kesh King ayurvedic products have worked amazing for my hair. You can check the amazing KeshKing hair care range on their website.

Do share your hair related stories with me by commenting below and ask me your questions related to hair care or motherhood if you have some. 

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