Doe Deere Dishes about her Daily Routine

Many women have routines that get them through the day. From stay at home moms to women who have made their marks in the corporate world, consistent daily schedules mean the difference between being overwhelmed with day to day life and thriving in every area of life. Doe Deere is one of the women who have found a routine that works. Deere finds time to be a wife, mom to two cats, and a thriving business owner while also making time for hobbies.

She’s dished her secrets, and we’re here to share them with you.

Morning Routine

Deere has pretty laid-back mornings. Every morning her internal clock awakes her at 8:30am sharp. She proceeds to spend a few minutes stretching, ensuring that she gives her back a little extra attention; she likes for it to feel loose. After stretching comes hydration. Deere drinks a full glass of water each morning to help her body remain hydrated because she knows that the Los Angeles climate is often very dry.

Finally, Deere has breakfast. She picks oranges from the orange tree in her backyard and squeezes them into orange juice. To go with her orange juice is a light meal, usually consisting of fruit and yogurt. Deere’s favorite breakfast item, however, is grits. This is a hot cereal that can be cooked in the microwave or on the stove top.

Mid-day Routine

After Deere has eaten, stretched her body, and relaxed her mind, she allows herself some downtime. She has two male cats who get lots of loving around the middle of the day. Deere also uses this quiet time to brainstorm new ideas for Lime Crime.

Cell phones are a staple in the lives of many, and Deere’s own phone proves to be convenient. She uses it for both business and pleasure. A former clothing designer, Deere likes to browse Instagram to familiarize herself with any new fashion trends. She also uses her phone to talk to her team in a private company chat. During the chat, her team at Lime Crime HQ informs her of what she can expect when she enters the office.

Afternoon and Evening Routine

By the time noon arrives, Deere is at work.

Often, however, Deere is slammed with meetings. When she has a meeting, she can expect to be busy until 6pm. Sometimes she even has to work well into the night. Working until midnight is no bother for Deere because she would be working on a brand and products she feels much passion for. After investing some time into Lime Crime, Deere prepares for a good night’s rest. She will sleep at least nine hours, then awake feeling refreshed and ready to have a repeat of the prior day.

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