How to Take Perfect Selfie ? Poses , Angle and Lighting

Ever since my favorite actor Salman Khan, whom I totally gush upon appeared in the Bajrangi Bhaijaan song Selfie Le Le, Re, all of a sudden I got the craze of clicking a selfie. People say selfie is a disorder or whatever, but I feel it is loving yourself a bit more and that is why we don’t haste in clicking a perfect selfie.

I don’t take selfies just for social media, but I enjoy having a photo book of my perfect selfies 🙂 Being a technology blogger, I have an eye for the latest launches of the gadgets that have great camera features.

I enjoy a great camera quality for my selfies and that is why I decided to do a post on how to take selfies. Clicking selfies isn’t only for pleasure, but it is an art which everyone should master. I have picked my favorite some ways to take the selfie that would inspire you to take a selfie in refined ways.

Before you read this how to take coolest selfie? let me tell you the most important trick behind every supercool selfie is not the camera, lighting and background but how you are feeling in that moment.

Continue reading to enjoy this post.

The Mirror Selfie:

I am sure every girl loves the mirror selfie pose. It is trendy and easily shows the gorgeous outfit and stunning backdrop. If I want to show my modish dress, then I totally rely upon the mirror selfie.

It happens to be one of the coolest ways to show my OOTD! You can either pose the 180-degree angle with your hands on the hip or go for the 90 degrees with your knee up and bring the best from a photo.

How to take best selfies - Fashion-Blogger-India-Yogita-Aggarwal

Mirror selfie clicked with Xiaomi Mi4I

How to take best selfies Mirror - Yogita agagrwal fashion and

Mirror selfie clicked with ZenfoneZoom

The Friend Selfie:

Oh, how much crazy I go to take a perfect selfie with my buddies, and I am sure many of you think the same way. Isn’t of pout lips, me and my buddy made the geeky look a trendsetter. Why shy from your spectacles? Be proud of the way you look and don’t forget to smile in your selfies.

How to look best in selfies with friends

Clicked with Xiaomi Mi4i

The Side look Selfie:

Want to flaunt your new earrings? But does your hair hide your beautiful jewelry? Then try the side look selfie which is my current favorite. Along with your jewelry, it even enhances the side features of your face and makes you look stunning in every possible way. Have your chin up and you are good to go girls.

Side Angle Selfie Yogita

Selfie with Asus Zenfone Zoom

Side Angle Selfie Ideas for best selfie -

Selfie with Mi4i

The Front Angle Selfie:

When in doubt, go for the front angle selfie, hold the camera closer to your face and see the magic. Avoid the above angle pose and try this style for a better picture. For me this angle turned the perfect one, so find your perfect angle. If you are clueless then do the Yogita way (front angle selfie).

Learnt o click best selfies with

Front Angle Selfies are best selfies, taken with Mi4i

The Good Lighting Selfie:

Don’t we all go crazy when we are blessed with great lighting for our selfie? So, this is one of my favorite selfie pose where the light falls elegantly on my hair and gives me an angelic look. This selfie gave a nice look to my hair even. What do you think folks?


Effortless selfie – Front Angle Selfie with Zenfone Zoom

The Water Selfie:

So you love to play with water a lot but though the phone is not waterproof you are not able to click selfies there?  After seeing my pool side and sea side pics now you can capture playful you. I am using selfie stick to click me while playing in water.

PoolSide selfie ideas - How to take perfect selfies

Clicked with iPhone 5s

Selfie fron swimming pool - Selfie ideas

Clicked with iPhone 5s

What are your take folks? Share with me your favorite pose and your views about how much you enjoy taking a selfie! Let me you if you want to see more of my selfies to get some better selfie ideas.

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Much Love
Yogia Aggarwal

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