Amrapali Jewels – Official Jewelry Designer for Baahubali 2, Check Sneakpeek here

Amrapali Jewels is now the official Jewelry Designer for ‘Baahubali 2: The Conclusion’.

Amrapali even contributed a lot in ‘Baahubali 1: The Beginning‘ but this time they are officially brought on board to be the Jewelry Designer. Congrats @Amrali

To win the hearts of the viewers, the creators of Baahubali 2 were very keen an selecting their sets, script, music as well as jewelry, and when it comes to perfection and excellence, Amrapali Jewels epitomizes it.

 “Every character in Baahubali plays a strong role and Amrapali Jewels has magnified the impact even more,” said Rajiv Arora, Co-Founder and Designer of Amrapali Jewels.

“In every frame, the jewelry was modified to maintain the essence of every character yet be visually impactful,” said Rajesh Ajmera, Co-founder of Amrapali Jewels.

Below we are sharing the sneak peek of some Jewelry  Designs –

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