5 Skin Benefits of Chocolate

Don’t we all drool over chocolate? One bite of chocolate is enough to pump up our moods, but not only does chocolate tempt our taste buds, but it even cajoles the skin in the best possible way. Yes, a chocolate facial can drop off the years from your face, bring a dewy look and the best thing is that it will unwind the stress from your body.

We know you must be thinking who would apply chocolate on the face when you can devour it, but we want you to read further and explore the goodness of chocolate for your skin, we assure you that you will be stunned by the effects.

1. Keeps signs of aging at bay:


Yes, girls if you want a healthy, youthful skin like Kim Kardashian then smear your face with thick chocolate and see the results. Chocolate contains flavonoids, polyphenols that are antioxidants, which fight signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines as well as fade the sun spots on your face. Make sure you indulge in dark chocolate, which has the highest amount of antioxidants loaded in it.
Tip: if you are applying chocolate face mask at home then look for cocoa powder that has 70% cacao content.

2. Skin detoxifier:

Fed up of your tired and dull looking skin, then pamper your skin with chocolate. It is an excellent detoxifier that will slough off the dead skin cells and other toxins which are responsible for a lifeless skin. After a good chocolate facial, you would notice fresh, clear and super soft skin.

3. Protection from harsh UV rays:

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After a beach staycation, your tanned skin needs the love of chocolate. Yes, chocolate has flavonols that protect your skin from UV damage and fights free radicals that can cause sun spots. Harsh UVA/UVB rays can even reduce collagen production and cause wrinkles, fine lines and that is why chocolate is most recommended facial for every skin type.

4. Gives dewy skin:

 chocolate-gives-glowEvery girl dreams of a dewy, soft skin and chocolate facial will help in attaining a super gorgeous skin. Chocolate, especially dark chocolate is known to stimulate blood flow in your skin and when you apply dark chocolate on your face, it will rush the blood circulation and bring a fascinating glow to your face.

5. Locks moisture content in the skin:
Chocolate has good hydrating properties and it seals the moisture content in the skin which promotes soft skin, fewer wrinkles, and fine lines. Thus we strongly recommend chocolate facial for every dry skin beauties.

So girls with these top 5 skin benefits of chocolate, we hope you book your chocolate facial appointment right away. You can even try the homemade chocolate facial mask, but make sure you purchase a dark chocolate with no artificial sweetener or flavor that can irritate your skin. Share your chocolate facial recipes in the comments below. Look for this space for various homemade chocolate face masks recipes (coming soon).

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