10 Best Outfit Ideas to Wear in the Best Friends’ Wedding

When sensuality meets grace, every manly hinders get knocked off and men surrender to feminine aurora willingly. To create such a gripping presence, we have curated wedding outfits that can make you the talk of the town.

There is no denying that one can never think of comparing one’s outfit with that of the bride’s. However, matching every flare, cut, design, and style with the best of outfit isn’t a monumental problem. Each girl aspires to be a diva on her special day, but not all can afford to hire a high end fashion designer to create an outfit that is elegant and prompts a smile.

If you don’t have a fashion designer or a stylist friend design your next wedding outfit, fret not. Be it a Ghaghra Choli, Draped Saree, Sharara, or lehenga, online fashion stores have every style, design, print, and texture for you to wrap yourself in silhouette that teleports you in the heaven of fashion. And if you are a man and looking something to gift your girl this festive season then go for online shopping. Online shopping for women is easy, you get many options to select and get good discount too 🙂

10 Best Outfit Ideas to Wear in Bff’s Wedding


Nothing can beat the Indian traditional saree. Be it a Hyderabadi Patola, Banarasi saree, or Kanjivaram, the exquisiteness draped in a saree can turn every eye in your direction.



Amalgamation of traditional cut with contemporary design, lehengas are comfortable as well we as a stylish choice for any girl to be in the limelight at her own wedding.


Nothing can beat the elegance and beauty of a Sharara, which has hues that match your skin tone as well as your mischievous mood on a given day. Crafted in a traditional cut and studded with beautiful borders, .there are many online fashion stores that offer a huge variety of ladies suits that include Churidar, Patiala suits, Sharara and Palazzo Suits.


Simplicity and grace is the new buzz word in the fashion world. Gowns are not just elegant but also and add a dash of style to your look. If paired perfectly with heels, gowns are perfect to make heads turn…

Draped Saree

A perfect blend of modern-day cuts and traditional texture, draped sarees come in some of the trendiest designs of the time brought from Paris or Milan runaways altering into Indian styles to produce a wedding outfit that can curl many lips by the corners.


 Ghaghra Choli

Sensual, sexy, and soothing – let the beholder decide once you have made your mind of creating a look that would storm every emotion around you. Traditional Ghaghra Choli in a Rajasthani style would instantly bring you at the centre of the attraction.

Say Thanks to Ghoomar Song and Padmavati Deepika !!

 Maxi Dress

Is your wedding wardrobe outdated? Don’t think much; instead, go for a maxi dress blended with a shrug and pair of heels for a celebrity-inspired look that makes you as noticeable as the bride of the day.



 Anarkali Suit

The beautiful flare and long length of the anarkali make it one of the best ethnic wear outfits to dress up this wedding season. Pair up your anarkali with pencil heels and accessorize it with traditional jhumkas. 


 Salwar Suits

Bollywood movies have made salwar suits a great outfit for this wedding season. Kangana Ranaut and Anushka Sharma in their respective movies have flaunted salwar suits like never before. Style your salwar suits with kolhapuris and add that bling with sparkling accessories.


Long Skirt and Crop Top

If you want a blend of western, yet traditional, opt for a long skirt and crop top. The trend has picked up since the last wedding season. You can pair this outfit with bellies and a clutch.

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