Fashion Trends That Were Popular in 2016

The 2016 fashion world saw trends that were big and beautiful. There were plenty of trends that made a comeback and there were trends that just made everyone fall in love with it. I have personally loved some of the trends and definitely would love to carry them in the forthcoming year. From chokers to bell sleeves I have been a big fan of few trends and I hope you enjoy reading the top trends that were famous in 2016. And I am pretty sure you would have splurged on at least one of the trends and rocked your look like a diva. So let’s find out the top fashion trends that were popular in 2016

1. Off shoulder:

The biggest and most adored trend of 2016 was off the shoulder. It made a massive comeback from the 80s and 90s and I am totally pleased with the trend. Off shoulders are an elegant way to flaunt your skin without looking out of place. From off shoulder tops to dresses every fashion clothing looked wow.

2. Bomber jacket:

This year bomber jacket made a big appearance in the fashion world. From runway models to street style lovers bomber jacket was the most loved trend. They are light, soft and can be layered on dresses as well as tops. I loved bomber jacket trend which easily brought casual and sporty vibes.

3. Metallic skirt:

The next big favorite trend of 2016 has been the metallic skirts. Every celebrity has slayed her look in a metallic skirt and I am dying to own one of them. They are perfect for party occasions, especially for the NYE and if you are wondering which style of the skirt would look good, then I suggest you pick the midi metallic skirt sported by Alia, it definitely looks killer!

4. Chokers:

I have lost the count of the number of chokers I own. I remember wearing choker as a teen and now wearing them again makes me feel nostalgic and fashionable. The best thing about choker necklace is that you can wear them with any outfit, also you can buy the traditional choker and wear them with your traditional dresses and look super chic.

5. Sneakers:

Sneakers have been an all time favorite for years, but this year the sneakers made it big in the fashion world. Especially when paired with the dress it brought major sporty vibes. I love metallic trainers that go elegantly with skirts, ripped jeans, dresses and a must have.

6. Bell sleeve tops:

Looking for some drama? Then you ought to own the vintage style bell sleeve tops which were every girl’s favorite style. I loved the bell sleeve dress that Deepika Padukone wore a few days before IIFA 2016.

7. Patches and Badges:

Quirky and stylish patches were something that was popular throughout the year. I have loved this trend, especially patches on t-shirts, blazers jeans that easily talk about your style game.

8. Cold shoulder:

Just like off shoulder, cold shoulder made a dramatic entry in the 2016 and the coolest thing about this trend is that it looks flattering on every girl. From cold shoulder tops to dresses this trend was my favorite and I would definitely carry it to the next year.

Which is your favorite fashion trend of 2016? Share in the comments below.


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