Best Sonam Kapoor Bun Hairstyles For Indian Wedding and Festive Season

Sonam Kapoor always leaves us spellbound with her fashion sense and on point makeup. She is the one who started the tradition of out of box dressing and is often called the fashion queen of Bollywood. Along with her stylish dressing, her hair game is the one that instantly grabs the attention. Especially when she dolls up in the Indian wear, I love seeing her unique hairstyles that flatter her outfit.

And it would be right to say that she is an inspiration for brides. Be it the wedding, parties or dinner dates, if you want an innovative hairstyle then look no further than Sonam Kapoor styles. I have loved some of her bun hairdo that looks amazing and worth trying. So read further and find out about the different types bun hairstyles that are chic and perfect for brides and bridesmaid. 

1. Side swept hair bun:



This is one of the classic and beautiful hairstyles that gives a modern look. Sonam has sported this look plenty number of times and I believe each time she brought a new look. This style would suit girls with a broad forehead, heart-shaped faces.

2. Sleek low hair bun:


If you want a complete modish and chic look, then this hairstyle would do complete justice. The sleek hairdo is much in trend and when you mix it with low hair bun, you will look stunning. This hairstyle will be ideal for girls with short hair, oval face. Doesn’t she looks hot in this hairdo?

3. Mid partition hair bun:


I am not a huge fan of mid partition hairstyle but somehow Sonam Kapoor looks hot in each look. Center partition hairstyle is a traditional hairstyle for brides, but when you add twisted or braid hairstyle with center partition it brings a unique look to your hairdo. This hairstyle will suit round shape and oval shape girls.

4. Twisted low hair bun:


I love twisted hairdo, it is the easiest hairstyle when you are running out of time or want to add some uniqueness to your hair. I have seen her sporting this look plenty number of times, yet it is always fresh and beautiful.

5. Braided hair updo:






Sonam Kapoor has rocked this hairdo like a queen. I love the way she keeps experimenting with braids and every time, she comes with a new look. I couldn’t pick just one look, so I have added three different looks 🙂 I love the hairdo where she has made a complete bun with her braids.

6. Side low hair bun:




Side low bun looks really elegant and I find Sonam super gorgeous in this hairdo. There is a touch of messy hairstyle which softens the face. So if you have sharp features and want a soft touch, this hairstyle would be perfect.

7. Gajra hair updo:




I think she is the only Bollywood actress who sports gajra so often and like a boss. From circular gajra to fully decorating her hairdo with gajra, Sonam Kapoor slays in each hairstyle.

8. Rope braid hair bun:


This is a super creative hairstyle that would look gorgeous for parties and functions. Side partition with low bun and rope style braid gives an edgy look and I find it an innovative hairdo.

9. Milkmaid braid hairdo:


Isn’t she super cute in this hairstyle? Milkmaid braid hairdo is my favorite, it gives a feminine look and I love the fact that Sonam added small flowers to her hairdo which is super unique.

10. Retro style hair updo:


If you love retro hairstyles then take cues from Sonam, who looks like a doll in this hairstyle. The side swept hair, bun, and gajra give a complete tradition and retro vibes and a must try for festivals and weddings.

Which of these is your favorite hairstyle? Share your views in the comments below.

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