5 pure silk sarees with amazing printed designs at an affordable range

Silk- a fabric still considered the epitome of luxury and an indicator of prosperity by numerous cultures around the world, has been every person’s favourite not only for years or decades but also for centuries on end. And sarees, perhaps the most worn Indian ethnic items, have a charm of their own and exude femininity and splendour like no other piece of clothing. 

Now, when the grace and elegance of sarees come together with the lustre and regality of the silk fabric to make the glorious combo of a silk saree, everyone is bound to love it. Like any other silk clothing item, Silk Sarees are light, easy to carry and have the most beautiful drape any material can have. So, to call your wardrobe ‘complete’, having at least one of these, if not all, is a must: 

  • Solid Silk Sarees- Ever since Madhuri Dixit’s navy blue silk moment in Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, these beauties are surely the ones that come to your mind when you think of Silk Sarees. Solid sarees in silk, with the texture of the material adding to the vibrance of any colour, when worn with a densely embroidered blouse, will compliment your figure spectacularly and make jaws drop every time you enter a room. Some of these even have golden borders and floral patterns on the pallu to add a fun vibe. 


  • Floral-Print Silk Sarees- Every woman’s favourite and go-to pattern, floral prints are something you can never go wrong with. And so, Silk Sarees having intricate prints of flowers, petals, curling tendrils, and leaves are no exception. No matter what the cause is, in a floral printed delicate silk saree, you always will be the most suitably dressed and a sight to behold. 


  • Woven Design Silk Sarees- Though these might look like golden prints from afar, the terms ‘woven design’ means that the intricate patterns on the smooth stretch of silk are, in fact, woven in with the fabric itself by interlacing the silk threads with zari or golden threads. Woven design Silk Sarees give a regal feel, look sophisticated and are also easy to style. Libas offers a diverse collection of these in the affordable price range of just 1000 INR- 3000 INR.


  • Multicoloured Print Silk Sarees- As much as we like filling our wardrobes with our favourite colour, we’ll all agree that nothing can match the resplendent beauty of a multicoloured silk saree with aesthetically pleasing patterns in multiple colours that compliment each other perfectly. By having these sarees in your closet, you will be saving yourself from a lot of frustration, and what do I wears in the future. Depending on your mood and occasion, you can easily pair them with any type of jewellery, be it golden, silver, red, black, or any other colour. 

Geometric Print Silk Sarees- If you’re someone who keeps up with recent fashion trends, you will know-how in vogue geometric prints are at the moment. Libas, keeping this in mind, has brought a range of some of the best pure silk sarees having the trendiest patterns of arranged squares, circles, triangles and even stripes. Geometric print sarees look smart, edgy and give a lot of room for experimentation to the wearer.

Additionally, available within the range of 1000 INR to 5000 INR, all of these are an absolute catch, considering how comfortable they are and that they will be as good as new for years and years. So, hurry up and stock up on your favourite ones! 


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