White Wine vs Red Wine – Know Your Drink

Wine is becoming increasingly popular the world over. Wine is as much a part of the culture as good food in the Western world. It is talked about and sipped with almost every meals.

Today, wine has infiltrated the lifestyle across Asia. Drinkers in markets including China, Vietnam and India are sipping much more of what was once considered an elite European drink.

In fact, Asia is well on its way to becoming the world’s biggest wine market, with a fast-growing number of consumers only too happy to try to find their perfect bottle.

But, every country in this continent of self-possessed foodies has accepted wine in its own unique way, largely determined by the rich culinary traditions of Asia. Just as each Asian country has their own set of customs, personality traits and eccentricities, they also have their own distinctive wine cultures.

However, for all our differences – from how we buy wine to where and with whom we consume it – three characteristics unite Asian countries: first, our passion for more and improved wine education; second, our passionate, enduring affair with red wine; and, finally, our universal love for food.

Sharpen your wine facts with this wonderful infographic-

White Wine vs Red Wine

White Wine vs Red Wine – Know Your Drink

Ref – Remedyliquor.com

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