Lip Monthly June 2016 Review & Unboxing – Monthly Subscription

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I just adore beauty and wellness subscription boxes, which are a monthly box of surprises. I wait for my subscription boxes and feel excited to try new products. It is like a monthly gift which I give myself, after all the hard work at work front I definitely need a lovely box of surprise at my doorstep. Somehow internet knew that I love beauty boxes and one fine day on my social media account, there was a pop-up of the Lip Monthly subscription bag.

I had never heard of this brand and then after a good research (thanks to Google), I found that it is a US subscription bag which ships worldwide (yay). Yet I have been skeptical to try, unsure whether the bag would reach India or not, but by the end of the month I did receive my first June bag and I was super-excited. 🙂

Before I show you what I got in my bag, let me tell you that each bag costs $12.95/month and for the first month you can get it at half a price using the code “50OFF”. Also, if you want, you can even go for the 4-month deal, which would cost $38.95 and annual $116.55. If you refer a friend you would get one free bag.

You can make the payment through PayPal, they will charge you only on the 1st of every month and by the end of the month or so it reaches India. Also, there are no additional charges such as shipping charges, just $12.95 and you would receive a bag full of lip products.

June Lip Monthly 2016:

Lip monthly june 2016 unboxing
As the name says, they give only lip products every month, and one of the products in your bag would be a non-lip product. They give 4-5 products every month, but this month I got only four, yet I am happy because all are full size and never sample size (yay).


Lip monthly june 2016 unboxing
The bag comes with an impressive golden cover which looks like a gift wrap. This month I received a green bag with rose flowers and they look cute. If I am on a short trip, then I can definitely use the bag to keep all my beauty essentials.

Inside the Bag:
Every month they give a super cute card which shows the retail value of each product. So this month I received $69.95 value products for $12.95, isn’t that amazing

Chrislie Lip Color Stick: Price- $13.00

lip monthly june 2016 review
I have started loving lip crayon, and the one I received is a stunning deep red shade color stick. It gives me a classic feel and it is perfect for dinner dates, beach parties. I haven’t opened the packaging yet, as I am thinking to gift someone, so I am not very sure about the hydrating and pigmentation.

Be a Bombshell Lip/ Cheek Stick: Price- $16.00

lip monthly june 2016 be a bombshell cheek stick
Woah, I was surprised on receiving the full size of Be a Bombshell, which is quite popular in the West. The color name is sweetness and it has a warm pinky taupe shade that can be used as a blush on the cheek, shimmer for eyes and as a lipstick even. It is a multipurpose stick which has a smooth texture and I feel it is fine as an eyeshadow, blush, bronzer. But as a lipstick, I didn’t find it staying for long hours. But I love the shade so I might use it as an eyeshadow or bronzer.

Jelly Pong Pong Lip Butter: Price- $18.95

lip monthly June 2016 jelly pong pong lip butter
I guess this is a favorite brand of every subscription box, as I have seen many subscribers with Jelly Pong Pong brand. I adore the cute packaging of the lipstick. It has colorful balloons on the cover which brings a happy look. It is a lip butter in a brown shade which is inspired by Kylie Jenner’s brown lipstick.

But instead of brown it has a tint of pastel rose, that blends with my complexion. I love the scent that comes with the lip butter. The best thing about this product is that it is 78% natural, with no parabens, and 100% cruelty-free. Not a fan of the shade, but I would use it as a lip balm.

Peony Cosmetic Highlighter: Price- $22

Lip Monthly Lip monthly june 2016-Peony pink glow highlighter
The lip monthly provided another organic product which has no parabens, no Phthalates and cruelty-free. It is a pink glow, gel based highlighter in the form of a crayon, hence it would be easy to apply. When I swatched it, I found that it has a pink shade with the touch of gold that brings a natural glow to the face.

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As it is an organic product, I guess it would be perfect for my sensitive skin. I would definitely use these on dull days, to bring a dash of glow to my face.

My Final View:

Lip monthly June 2016 unboxing

Lip Monthly june 2016
I love exploring new products in lipstick, so Lip Monthly turned out a big success. I did worry if the bag would be delivered or not, and if the products would be worth or not. But I loved the products and would I would continue my subscription.

I like the fact that they give full-size products and they don’t charge for shipping charges. I would definitely recommend my readers try the subscription bag.

Much Love


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